Does the princess love Saito?

Does the princess love Saito? Louise quickly becomes jealous whenever Saito interacts with other girls and punishes him regularly by whipping him with a riding crop or blowing him up with her magic. However, as the series progresses, Louise begins to develop feelings towards Saito and eventually falls in love with him.

Does Saito go back to Japan? The Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Twin Moons (2007) Episode No. Series No. Saito is overjoyed to find himself back in Japan, having returned in the Zero Fighter.

How does zero no tsukaima end? Closing upon the dragon Saito ejects from the cockpit with Louise crashing the jet into the dragon. Louise then uses her explosion on the dragon. Smoke and dust fills the area and as the area settles the Ancient Dragon is shown turned to stone and now crumbling.

How old is Saito? Saito Hiraga

Saito Chevalier de Hiraga
BirthdateDecember 9
Height172 cm
OccupationsKnight Student (Earth)

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What episode does Saito and Louise get married?

“Louise’s Marriage” (ルイズの結婚, Ruizu no Kekkon) is episode 11 of the anime series, The Familiar of Zero.

Who does siesta end up with in Familiar of Zero?

Siesta kisses Saito as a form of her gratitude. One night, Siesta helps Saito in washing Louise’s silk undergarments. Out of the blue, she thanks him for inspiring her to become courageous like him. The next morning, Siesta, not clad in her usual daily uniform, leaves the campus to work as mistress for Count Mott.

Does Louise and Saito have a child?

Suzuka Henrietta le Blanc de Hiraga is the daughter, and only child of Louise and the elder legitimate daughter of Saito.

What happens after Saito and Louise get married?

Catching wind of her plan, Saito uses a sleeping potion on Louise after they wed and asks Julio to take care of her and sets out to meet Albion’s advancing troops. Louise faints before she can tell him she has always and still loves him. Despite his valiant efforts, Saito falls on the battlefield.

Do Louise and Saito get together?

After Saito sets his mind at ease (though his contract with Tiffa had run out, his contract with Louise kept him alive). With the Dragon dead, Saito then proposed to Louise and they were married. After their wedding Louise used her magic to go to Saito’s world to visit his parents.

Is The Familiar of Zero finished?

Sadly, a fifth season of ‘The Familiar of Zero’ now seems unlikely to happen. The author of the Light Novel series on which the show is based passed away before he finished the story. A new author picked up the light novel series following Yamaguchi’s death and published two more volumes, which concluded the story.

Who does Henrietta end up with?

The first 10,000 goes the day of her wedding, and the other 10,000 the day of her aunt’s death. Henrietta is able to marry Lord Melvil, and at their wedding ceremony, all that characters in the novel make an appearance.

Does Tabitha have feelings for Saito?

Soon after Tabitha is declared the heir to the throne of Gallia, but postpones the coronation to live with Saito in De Ornielle with Louise and Siesta, because Tabitha has a crush on Saito.

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