Does Toya love Aya?

Does Toya love Aya? Despite his hired purpose, he appeared to be strongly in love with Aya Mikage, even though he was ordered to capture Ceres.

Does asagiri Gen join Senku? He officially joins Senku after the latter recreated his favorite drink cola. While Gen initially claims he joined Senku’s army for the benefits, he later admitted he had seen Senku write his release day and name on a stone.

Why is Aya bullied? Yatsumura asks Aya why Sarina and her friends bully her, and Aya explains that is because her social shyness made her unable to thank Sarina for her help when she transferred to the school and Sarina became angry about it.

Who does Aya Mikage end up with? After the final battle, Aya and Toya start living together as a full romantic couple. She gives birth to a daughter named Miku who slightly resembles Ceres. Three years later, she gives birth to a son whom she names Aki after her older brother because he is Aki’s look-alike reincarnation.

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What Kosame tells Aya?

Kosame said to Aya Asagiri, Tsuyuno Yatsumura and Rina Shioi that she is fine with dying anytime since she will die anyway because of her cancer, but she still prepares for the Tempest and she doesn’t reveal the reasons why.

Is Yatsumura in love with asagiri?

Tsuyuno Yatsumura. but as the series goes on, it was shown that they deeply care for each other, and even have a sister-like relationship. They kiss at the end of Chapter 54, indicating their feelings for each other had taken a romantic turn.

Is asagiri Gen with Tsukasa?

Asagiri was assigned as Tsukasa’s spy, sent to find Senku and report back if he was dead. Gen subtly made his way into Ishigami Village and ate ramen, before revealing his familiarity with Cola. Senku realized from this that he is a modern person, as Kohaku surrounded him with Kinro and Ginro.

Does Aya love Bayek?

Romantic life. Aya was known to only have one romantic relationship, that with her husband Bayek. They met as children and grew up together. By the age of fifteen the two were a couple, and sometime around 56 BCE they were married and Aya gave birth to their son, Khemu.

Does Aya leave Bayek?

Aya leaves, and she has a brief monologue about being a “hidden one”, and writes to Bayek to inform him that their cycle of vengeance has ended, and that she is founding a bureau (aka a “brotherhood”) in Rome. She tells him how Aya died when Khemu died, and that she is now known as Amunet.

Are Bayek and Aya related?

Not long after Bion’s death, Bayek married Aya and became the protector of Siwa and together, they raised a son called Khemu. Years later, Bayek traveled to Alexandria and killed Raia in his own home. Bayek became the last Medjay in Siwa, where he was viewed as the respected protector of his community.

Who bullied Aya Asagiri?

Aya is bullied at school by three girls named Sarina Shizukume, Erika Kaijima and Ai Kawano where she gets tormented at home by Kaname as his “Human Stress Bag.” This has been an everyday routine for her and she had even considered committing suicide daily.

What happens to asagiri Kaname?

In the Chapter 138, Kaname lost his lifespan by casting magic so that Aya won’t be unhappy with Panties’s ability, which had been regaining the moment just before the Earth collapsed and Aya tried to go back in time with a stick.

Is Aya adopted?

Aya was adopted by Jirou and Momoko Asagiri after Momoko became sterile and had a miscarriage, which gave Momoko a sad life. Aya got depression because she was bullied by three girls at school and her abusive brother.

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