Does Xie Lian know Fu Yao is Mu Qing?

Does Xie Lian know Fu Yao is Mu Qing? He transforms back into his true form after Xie Lian confirms he had known that Fu Yao was an alter ego of his and they manage to free themselves from the pit of silk. Mu Qing and Feng Xin follow Xie Lian and Hua Cheng through the Cave of Ten Thousand Gods, secretly making a plan while pretending to fight each other.

Do Feng Xin and Mu Qing end up together? Mu Qing leaves in the end, although he’s hesitant and even apologizes for what he did. Feng Xin and Mu Qing reunite after both ascending on their own.

Did Feng Xin love Jian Lan? Feng Xin meets her once more during Xie Lian’s first banishment while Jian Lan was working in a brothel, although it’s unknown whether he recognized her or not, and the two eventually fell in love.

Who is the father of fetus spirit TGCF? Cuo Cuo (错错, Cuò Cuò) is a Fierce rank ghost known as the fetus spirit, as well as the son of Feng Xin and Jian Lan.

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Why was Xie Lian banished the second time?

Second Ascension and Third Banishment. After he ascended for the second time following White No-Face’s defeat, Xie Lian asked Jun Wu to banish him back to earth. He felt that heaven attained on the death of his last believer was a heaven not deserved.

Is Nan Feng a god?

Nan Feng is a Heavenly Official of the Middle Court and subordinate of Feng Xin (Martial God). He often accompanies Xie Lian on his missions in the mortal realm.

Who is the white no face in TGCF?

Crown Prince of Wuyong. Two thousand years ago, White No-Face was born as the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Wuyong. He was revered and admired, said to be exceedingly glorious and esteemed. He ascended early and appointed his four vassals, one of which was Mei Nianqing, to the heavens as his deputy gods.

Is Feng Xin Nan Feng?

Nan Feng is an alter ego of Feng Xin. His name is a combination of Nan (南, Nán) from Feng Xin’s title Nan Yang (南阳, Nán Yáng) and Feng (风, Fēng) from his name Feng Xin (风信, Fēng Xìn) itself.

Who does Xie Lian fall in love with?

Hua Cheng is his husband and lover, as well as his most devoted believer. The two meet in the present time as Xie Lian is heading back to Puqi Shrine and manages to hitchhike on the cart of an old man heading the same direction.

Who is the ghost groom?

Xie Lian is sent on the mission to capture the Ghost Bridegroom who turns out to be Xuan Ji, who is in fact a Ghost Bride.

Does Nan Feng like Fu Yao?

Despite being joined at the hip however, they share a rivalry and can’t stand each other. Insults and teases are thrown at one another constantly, either vicious or simply mocking. Nan Feng is easily infuriated by Fu Yao’s nitpicky nature and quirks like his eye rolling.

Is Pei Ming older than Xie Lian?

Pei Ming and Ling Wen ascended around that time too, which explains how they all became such close friends, and means Pei Ming is around the same age as Xie Lian as well.

Why did Feng Xin leave Xie Lian?

After defying Jun Wu and descending to the mortal realm in order to try and save the Xianle kingdom, Xie Lian was banished, Feng Xin and Mu Qing thus losing their status in the Heavens as well. With Xianle taken over by Yong’an, Xie Lian, his parents, Feng Xin and Mu Qing all had to flee to avoid being captured.

Does Mu Qing have feelings for Xie Lian?

Although Mu Qing admired Xie Lian and wanted to be his friend, the nature of their dynamic as master and servant complicated this. As a servant he couldn’t voice his real thoughts or truly express his personality; in Xie Lian’s memory he was always soft-spoken and well-mannered.

Is Qi Rong obsessed with Xie Lian?

From then Qi Rong’s Envy had changed into respect, admiration and obsession for Xie Lian and became his tail. His mother lost her life-saving the queen during an upheaval, asking her sister to take care of Qi Rong before she passed.

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