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How did Cobra lose his eye?

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How did Cobra lose his eye? While still a boy, he loses an eye and a leg when a Cobra operative destroys a car in which he is riding, and after recovering he goes on to become a member of his father’s greatest enemy, the G.I. Joe team.

Why is Loki afraid of Lucy? Loke first sits as far away from her as possible and refuses to answer Lucy’s question on why he was being so wary of her just because she was a Celestial Spirit Mage.

Who is Fairy Tail 9th master? LAXUS. Now, it was mentioned in the beginning of the series that Laxus is the most likely Makarov’s heir to lead the guild and still is. At some point even more worthy than he was. Laxus is also defiantly one of the strongest mages in the guild.

Does Lucy get all 12 keys? All Celestial Spirits are each named after a different astronomical constellation. Out of the twelve Gold Keys, ten are owned by Lucy Heartfilia and the remaining two are owned by Yukino Agria, who also holds the key to the “13th Gate” of the Zodiac.

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Why is Natsu not an S-Class wizard?

He beat so many people the S Ranks couldn’t defeat. Well, there in fact is a reason what Hiro Mashima did not make Natsu one, he thought if the main character were too powerful or if the audience knew his strength already, then it wouldn’t make the anime too interesting for them.

Is Lucy heartfilia S-Class?

Lucy (Heartfilia) Dragneel is a Fairy Tail Celestial Spirit mage and mother to Nashi, Liddan, Layla, Jude, and the triplets, Igneel, Mavis, and Luna. She is married to Natsu Dragneel and has accomplished S-Class in Fairy Tail.

Who is the girl with purple hair in Fairy Tail?

In her initial human form, Kinana is a short girl with violet-colored hair and green eyes, with a round face.

Who becomes the 7th guild master of Fairy Tail?

“Our seventh guild master is Erza Scarlet.” Of course, Erza is taken back by the assignment, but the guild agrees she is the only one suited for the job. That fact is only made clearer when the gang runs into Mest, and the once-estranged mage tells Erza all about the guild’s darkest secret.

Is Mest a traitor in Fairy Tail?

In X784, he used his Memory Control to deceive the members of the Fairy Tail so that he could infiltrate the guild, while in actuality he was always a member of Fairy Tail who erased his own memories to successfully infiltrate the aforementioned Magic Council, using the alias Doranbolt (ドランバルト Doranbaruto).

Who does lisanna end up with?

Natsu and Lisanna further developed their intimate relationship thanks to Natsu’s partner, Happy (an Exceed), who, when he was still an egg, was thought to be the offspring of a Dragon, and he wanted to hatch said egg at all costs. Lisanna then agreed to help Natsu, and, in no time, the two became inseparable.

Who is the strongest in Fairy Tail?

1) Acnologia. The strongest of them all, known as the ‘Dragon King,’ Acnologia easily snags the top spot as the strongest character in Fairy Tail. Apart from his various abilities, his magic overpowers everyone because he can wield Dragon Slayer magic of an unknown element.

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