How did Eizen become a dragon?

How did Eizen become a dragon? Hundreds of years after Tales of Berseria , Eizen and Zaveid joined forces with a Shepherd to fight the Lord of Calamity of that period. During the battle, the Shepherd was killed and Eizen, seeing no other way to win, allowed the Malevolence inside him from years of living to turn him into a dragon.

How old is Magilou Tales of Berseria? Magilou’s age is never specified, though the game’s official World Guidance book indicates that she is somewhere in her late twenties. Being that she has a decade-long reputation as the “lost legate” of the Abbey, it can be inferred that Magilou is an adult with somewhat of a youthful appearance.

What is Bienfu? Bienfu (ビエンフー, Bienfū?) is a major character and the mascot character of Tales of Berseria. He is a Normin Malak and has formed a contract with Eleanor Hume serving as her companion and vanguard. Later, it is found out that he was originally in a contract with Magilou and that contract is re-enacted.

How old is Rokurou? Rokurou Rangetsu (ロクロウ・ランゲツ, Rokurou Rangetsu?) is a main character and a male protagonist in Tales of Berseria. He is a 22 year-old, free and happy-go-lucky young samurai, who is actually a Daemon.

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What happened to Velvet after Berseria?

After three years in prison, Velvet is freed by Seres, Artorius’ former malak, who has broken away from him. During her escape, Velvet aids fellow prisoners Rokurou and Magilou and fights against the Praetor Exorcist Oscar Dragonia.

How tall is Eizen?

Height187 cm
Race•Malak (ToB) •Dragon (ToZ)
OccupationFirst Mate of Aifread’s Pirates

Is there romance in Tales of Berseria?

Velvet Crowe is the first woman to solo carry protagonist duties in Bandai Namco’s Tales Series. Unlike previous entries in the series, the protagonist does not receive a romantic narrative.

How old is velvet Crowe?

Velvet Crowe
Age16 (Prologue) 19 (Physically), Immortal
OccupationLord of Calamity
WeaponGauntlet Blade Sorcerer’s Ring

Why did Seres help velvet?

Artorius and Melchior Mayvin bind Seres’s life to an oath to recreate the Sorcerer’s Ring as a means to develop the armatus, an arte to which they plan to use to control Innominat. Tormented by the memories of her past life, Seres takes it upon herself to free Velvet so she can kill Artorius.

Is Magilou a human?

People can be so miserable. Not that it matters, really.” —Magilou.

Magilou Mayvin
GameTales of Berseria

Is Laphicet velvets brother?

Laphicet Crowe (ライフィセット・クラウ, Raifisetto Kurau?) is a major character in Tales of Berseria. He is the younger brother of Velvet Crowe and Celica Crowe.

What is Laphicet?

Laphicet (ライフィセット, Raifisetto?) is the deuteragonist in Tales of Berseria and minor character in Tales of Zestiria. A child of the malakhim race, he is initially seen as an emotionless tool, but through his interactions with Velvet Crowe, he gains feelings and selfhood.

Is Rokurou in tales of Zestiria?

In Tales of Zestiria the X, Rokurou wanders into the storage room in Titania and finds Velvet and Seres, with Velvet holding his Stormhowl.

Is Magilou an elf?

The Mayvin title is simply passed down to a chosen descendent. So in the history of their world, Magilou was the first elf, and unfortunately the last.

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