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How did Emilia get pregnant?

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How did Emilia get pregnant? In Sepetys’ Salt to the Sea, Emilia hides her pregnancy out of shame, as she’d gotten pregnant from being raped by Russian soldiers.

Is Rezero getting a season 3? The wait for the Re:Zero Season 3 release date is predicted to be a long one even though the third season has been openly discussed by Kadokawa producer Sho Tanaka. In fact, in one 2020 interview he voluntarily talked about the third season without even being asked!

Who is older RAM or Rem? One of the twin demons who work at Roswaal’s mansion as maids, Rem is Ram’s younger sister. She has blue hair which she wears parted on the left, and still has a full horn, which grants her magical power. She does work at the mansion, although her ability to cook is better than her sister.

Who is the true villain in re Zero? Satella, also known as the Witch of Envy, Queen of the Castle of Shadows, the Jealous Witch, and simply as the Witch, is the enigmatic main antagonist of the 2014 Japanese dark fantasy light novel series Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, as well as its anime television series & manga adaptations of the same …

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Is Subaru Natsuki pride?

Subaru is the Sin Archbishop of Pride in the Ayamatsu IF, but the short story is non-canonical to the mainline story.

Is REM in love with?

Film. Rem in the film is much like her anime and manga counterpart. She is devoted to Misa and attempts to protect her at any cost, including giving her own life. In the second movie, Rem declares her love for Misa and her contempt for Light moments before her death.

Does Subaru make Rem his second wife?

Subaru actually admits to having feelings for both Emilia and Rem and agrees to make Rem his second wife under the condition that Emilia agrees to it.

Why is Subaru LGBT?

If you’ve ever wondered why people joke about lesbians driving Subarus, the reason is not just that lesbians like Subarus. It’s that Subaru cultivated its image as a car for lesbians—and did so at a time when few companies would embrace or even acknowledge their gay customers.

Does Subaru support LGBT?

To learn more about all that Subaru of America does to ensure workplace equality and to serve the LGBTQ community, please visit

Who Does Subaru have a child with?

Will REM and Subaru get together?

Subaru makes it clear in the story that he loves both Emilia and Rem, saying so to both of them. Rem also still loves Subaru, even after he takes Emilia as his first choice. Subaru agrees to take Rem as his second wife, so long as Emilia allows that to happen.

Does REM have a crush on Subaru?

After being rescued by Subaru, both physically and emotionally, Rem quickly develops strong romantic feelings for him.

Who is Subaru’s love interest?

Emilia. Subaru fell in love with her at first glance, largely due to her being the first one to show him kindness when he was transported to the new world. He devoted himself to protecting her no matter what happens to him, even if that meant having to repeatedly go back in time by dying.

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