How did Maki lose her eye?

How did Maki lose her eye? During her conflict with the Zenin Family, Maki lost her right eye altogether and now has a scar where it was sliced by her father’s katana.

Who does Maki Harukawa have a crush on? It’s shown that Maki had developed romantic feelings for Kaito over the course of the game, but there has been no confirmation that he reciprocated her feelings, even though it is implied, considering how she is the only character he gave a nickname to.

Does Maki like Nobara? During the live stream of Juju Fest 2021, Maki’s Japanese VA Mikako Komatsu admitted that she loves Nobara.

Can Yuta heal Maki? Yuta Okkotsu. Yuta first utilized it to heal Maki, Toge, and Panda all at the same time after they were injured by Suguru Geto. Suguru was highly impressed that Yuta was able to use a reversed cursed technique after only recently becoming a sorcerer.

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How did Maki get her scars?

The last time we had seen her, she had been completely immolated due to Jogo’s volcanic fire abilities, and that’s reflected in her deep burn scars and bandages. Maki had been attacked by Jogo in Chapter 111 of the series as his speed was too much for her and Kento Nanami.

Who does Maki have a crush on fire force?

During Arthur and Shinra’s participation in the Rookie Fire Soldier Games, Maki accompanies the two, where she gets fascinated by 119. When Arthur falls to his death, Maki helps to soften his fall with a blanket.

Who was MAI first love?

Those circumstances resulted Mai had unhealthy codependency with Maki and makes her also develops her loves to Maki, not as a sister. Maki is her first love, but she also hates Maki because Maki always trying her best and “forced” Mai to do the same, Mai hates it.

Who is stronger Yuta or maki?

4) Yuta Okkotsu. Such a versatile and powerful skill set is likely too much for Maki to handle, especially considering Yuta is extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat as well. Unfortunately for Maki, she has no chance of winning against her classmate.

Who does Yuta Okkotsu end up with?

History. 6 years ago, Yuta was given a promise ring by Rika Orimoto and the two promise to marry each other when they grow up.

Does Maki like Yuta?

Volume 0 of the manga hints at the fact that Maki and Yuta are infatuated with each other before hinting at their ongoing relationship again in Chapter 144.

Did Mai kiss Maki?

Mai and Maki share a kiss in the manga, and Gege Akutami stated that Mai’s first love was possibly Megumi or Maki, but this isn’t said for sure.

What did Mai leave for Maki?

Mai admits to Maki, that for her to grow, Mai will have to die. She takes away all of their cursed energy and gives Maki a parting gift — a reed branch.

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