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How do I research tech Kenshi?

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How do I research tech Kenshi?

Where is black scratch? Black Scratch is a town located in The Outlands region. Constructed on a hill around what appears to be an ancient structure, this relic may be either at the origin of the town or the reason for its construction. The town belongs to the Tech Hunters. Their Faction HQ, the Tech Hunter Bar, is located here.

Is there going to be a Kenshi 2? Kenshi 2 is an upcoming prequel to Kenshi still under development by Lo-Fi Games. Set around 1,000 years prior to the original game, the setting will still be in a post-apocalyptic state during this time period, and may have only slightly more advanced technology.

How do you ally with United Cities? To become a full fledged ally, a total of 100,000 cats must be donated. “Control of a strategically impressive outpost will be enough to show your worth to us.” If the player controls are a level 2 (watchtower icon) or level 3 (town icon) outpost, the player can instead pay only 10,000 cats, and get a +60 relations.

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Can hive wear shirts Kenshi?

Also, Hivers can wear shirts, they are hive-specific shirts usually sold by hive merchants or looted from hiver corpses.

Are crossbows good in Kenshi?

Crossbows can do a decent amount of damage and cause significant bleeding. It is important to note that the size of the target (and its hitbox) plays an important role in the accuracy of crossbows. As such, large animals are easier to hit than humanoids, which are in turn much easier to hit than spiders.

Where can I buy a Kenshi Dustcoat?

Dustcoat is a Light Armour that is equipped in the Body Armour slot. It can be bought from the Scraphouse, the armour shop in Mongrel, and adventure shops in Black Scratch, Mourn, Spring, tech hunter-controlled Stoat, and The Free City. A sleeveless version of this armour can also be found.

What is the best armor in Kenshi?

Kenshi: Best Armor, Ranked

  • 8/8 White Plate Jacket.
  • 7/8 Dark Leather Shirt.
  • 6/8 Leather Turtleneck.
  • 5/8 Mask Type III.
  • 4/8 Blackened Chainmail.
  • 3/8 Ninja Rags.
  • 2/8 Crab Armor.
  • 1/8 Samurai Armor.

What is the best weapon in Kenshi?

The katana is all but ubiquitous in the world of Kenshi and is arguably the game’s most iconic weapon. Lightweight, fast, and powerful, the katana is useful whether the player has 10 hours in the game or 1,000. The Meitou Katana can be found on Emperor Tengu.

How do you get the crab armor blueprint Kenshi?

Where can I buy Falling Sun Kenshi?

High-quality versions of this weapon are commonly found in the Scraphouse. Low to Medium quality versions of this weapon are sometimes found in shops in the Shek Kingdom. Cross-manufactured Falling-Sun is found on one ancient leader.

Are reavers hostile Kenshi?

Hostile towards. Reavers are a faction of slavers who believe that they deserve to be in charge instead of the United Cities. They have the same trade culture as the Swampers.

Where can I buy good armor in Kenshi?

These shops sell armour of all types, although usually Body Armour and Legwear.

  • Armour King’s Shop.
  • Crab Smithy.
  • Drifter’s Last General Shop.
  • Empire Armor Shop.
  • Flotsam Armory.
  • Heft Armory.
  • Holy Armour Shop.
  • Mongrel Armor Shop.

How do you ally crab Raiders?

Allying with the Skeleton Bandits or the Skin Bandits will decrease relations with the Crab Raiders by 75. Winning a Crab Tournament will increase relations with the Crab Raiders by 200.

Where can I find Kenshi samurai armor blueprints?

Samurai Armor is a Heavy Armour that is equipped in the Body Armour slot.

The blueprint can be found in the following locations:

  • Drifter’s Last.
  • The Great Library.
  • Heft Armory.
  • Bark armoury.
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