How do you beat defender Z?

How do you beat defender Z? The easiest way to defeat Defender Z is to hit them with Provoke, as Blast Punch cannot KO. They should then easily be defeated. Unlike Defender X, the Black Magic Demi is effective and able to do 9,999 damage due to Defender Z’s high hit point total, ideally Doublecasted to deal nearly 20,000 damage each time.

What happens when you beat Omega Weapon FFX? When defeating Omega Weapon, you will earn 50,000 AP (60,000 on Overkill), and 20,000 gil. Omega Weapon is one of two bosses where Kimahri can learn Nova from by using Lancet on it. You can Steal from the boss to get 30 Gambler’s Spirits, which can be used to Mix Hyper Mighty G.

Can you fight Omega Weapon more than once FFX? Only once, like almost all other bosses in game expect Ifrit, Ardyn and these 3 “Shades” of old kings. Omega is not a normal enemy.

How do you get Level 4 key spheres in FFX? LEVEL 4 KEY SPHERE. Location(s): Found in treasure chests throughout Spira, rare drop by Spherimorph, dropped by Seymour Flux, dropped by Spectral Keeper, dropped by Land Worm, dropped by Omega Weapon, stolen from Nemesis, or Bribe from Chimera Brain (two for 196,000 gil).

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How do I get more teleport spheres?

The best place to farm Teleport Spheres is by fighting Sleep Sprout in the Monster Arena. It drops up to two spheres per defeat. Sleep Sprout is unlocked after capturing 5 of every fungus-type fiends on Spira.

Where is Omega in Omega Ruins?

Enter the coordinates X72, Y35 to reach the Omega Ruins.. The Omega Ruins are home to two bosses, Ultima Weapon and Omega Weapon, as well as an RNG-based chest mini-game.

How do I get magic spheres FFX?

The only method of obtaining an Wht Magic Sphere is by bribing a Dark Flan for 256,000 gil (which will get you 2) or found in a treasure chest in the Via Purifico or in the Besaid Temple.

Where can I get white magic sphere FFX?

The only way to farm White Magic Spheres is by bribing Dark Flans, found in Mt. Gagazet and along the Zanarkand Ruins. Bribe them with 320,000 gil for x2 spheres.

How do you beat Valefor dark Aeon?

If his Strength is high enough, Wakka can take Dark Valefor out with a single full volley of Attack Reels. Yuna can summon Anima and use her Overdrive Oblivion, or Tidus can use his Overdrive Blitz Ace or Slice & Dice. As with any other enemy, Dark Valefor can be killed instantly by the aeon Yojimbo’s Zanmato.

Where is floating death FFX?

Floating Death is a fiend in Final Fantasy X found in the Omega Ruins. It has the same model as the Ahriman.

How much should I offer Yojimbo?

To obtain Yojimbo for the cheapest price, the player should select the third option, “To defeat the most powerful of enemies”. He will ask for 250,000 gil, but the player should offer 125,001 (50% of his offer) gil. Yojimbo will counter with 225,000 gil, and the player should offer 157,501 (70% of his offer) gil.

How do I farm Gil FFX?

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Where can I get Level 3 key spheres in FFX?

Lv. 3 Key Spheres are a pretty rare item and they’re slow to farm. But the best place to farm them is by fighting Defender Z enemies, both in the Zanarkand Ruins and in the Omega Ruins.

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