How do you get Golem in Chrono Cross?

How do you get Golem in Chrono Cross? Golem is a 7th-level Yellow Element in Chrono Cross. This is first trappable element in the fight against the Shaker Brothers if the player bought a trap for it in Marbule. Can be trapped from Centaurpede (Hydra Marshes, Another World).

How do you recruit Funguy in Chrono Cross? At the dead end, go inside the small waterfall. You’ll find Funguy–or the man before becoming Funguy–inside the small tunnel. Give him the Mushroom and he’ll transform into Funguy. Afterwards, he’ll join your party, to seek a way to return to normal.

Where can I find a carnivore in Chrono Cross? Since this element is a green element, the presence of the Flytrap is very appropriate. Can be trapped from: Fargo (S.S. Invincible), Green Dragon (Gaea’s Navel, when Field is Green), Dark Serge (Fort Dragonia), and Anemotor (Terra Tower).

How do you get MotherShip in Chrono Cross? MotherShip is a 7th-level Black Element. MotherShip element can be obtained by trapping it while fighting Airframe (Home or Another Isle of the Damned.

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How do you use traps in Chrono Cross?

Play Trap Elements to Capture Other Powerful Elements. For example, if you want to get the ★ Sonja Summon Element, you need to use the ↓ Sonja Trap element on an enemy like Prey Mantis (Another World). Simply play the Trap element at the beginning of battle and wait for the enemy to use that Element or Summon.

How do you get Sonja in Chrono Cross?

Sonja can be captured using a trap element in monster Prey Mantis found on the island Gaea’s Navel, when Serge’s Party goes in search for the Green Dragon. Can be trapped from PreyMantis (Gaea’s Navel). They must be in a group of 2 at the start of the battle. Or from Bulb (Shadow Forest, Home World).

Where is Tornado Chrono Cross?

Tornado is a 6th-level Green Element in Chrono Cross. Trapped from Wingapede in Hydra Marshes, Home World in the not save kid path, Tragedienne (Dead Sea), Dark Serge (Fort Dragonia), Ozzie (Bend of Time), Time Devourer, and Anemotor (Terra Tower).

How do you evolve PIP Chrono Cross?

Pip will transform twice over the course of the game if you use him enough: If Pip uses more White, Green, or Blue Elements, he will sprout angel wings. Continue to use these same Elements with and on Pip and he’ll eventually become an Archangel. His level seven Tech will be Heaven’sCall.

How do you beat dark Serge?

Given that Dark Serge is a Black-innate boss, you can take advantage of his weakness by using high-leveled White Elements like Holy Light and Meteor Shower. Finding the balance between using White Elements and healing is vital for this boss battle and slipping at least once can lead to serious consequences.

How do you beat Criosphinx?

It can be defeated through brain or brawn; it cautions against those who use the latter exclusively. To answer the riddles of the Criosphinx, use an Element corresponding to the color he describes. He can easily be defeated if Yellow Plates are equipped to characters.

Where can I find Ultranova Chrono Cross?

How to Obtain. Found in Terra Tower and after battle from Luxator. Trapped from MegaStarky, Sky Dragon, Luxator, and Time Devourer.

How do you get iceberg in Chrono Cross?

Iceberg (アイスバーグ Iceberg?) is a 6th-level Blue Element in Chrono Cross. Traps for Iceberg can be purchased from the Demi-human merchant in Marbule (for 400 G) after Serge rescues the S.S. Invincible from the Ghost Ship and its legions of undead sailors.

How do you defeat the sun of a gun in Chrono Cross?

How to Beat Sun of a Gun

  • The key to defeating this boss is by anticipating its attacks by monitoring its facial expressions. …
  • Sun of a Gun is most dangerous when it changes its expression to Neutral coming from being Sad.
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