How do you increase long range attack in age of Z?

How do you increase long range attack in age of Z?

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How do you protect resources in age of Z? In Age of Z, resources are everything. Collect and hold resources and use them for upgrades as fast as possible. You arrange raids on other people’s City – be ready for them to attack your City! The best way to protect your resources is to upgrade the defensive and attacking qualities of your City.

What does VIP do in Age of origins?

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How do you increase equipment power in Age of Z?

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How do you get refugees in age of Z?

-Refugees can be rescued in City Ruins – Explore – Refugee Rescue, Adventures on the World Map, during Events, and other gameplay.

How do you build an alliance Hall in age of Z?

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How do you teleport in age of Z?

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How do you get the peace shield in age of Z?

They can be purchased in-game using Gold, included in packs purchased from the store, or received as rewards from Events or Quests.

How do you hide troops in age of Z?

Use the Alliance Fort to hide troops. Some enemies aren’t looking for resources. They don’t even really want to hurt you. But they DO want to get their Kills ranking up, and they’ll take a hit at any smaller target with troops to kill.

What is elite wars in age of Z?

The objective of the Elite Wars is to win a battle against the alliance you are fighting. There are two ways to achieve that. You can either destroy the base of your opponent, or take the most towers within the time limit. You cannot lose your troops in Elite Wars, so you don’t have to worry about that.

How do you increase troop limit in age of Z?

Your fleet has a starting size that can be increased.

  • Upgrade your garage.
  • Research in your garage.
  • Research Leadership technology in the Academy to increase the max number of troops you can fit in one Fleet.
  • Officers like Godfather & Major Morgan boost fleet size as well.

What are VIP privileges in age of Z?

VIP level enables you to finish the construction and upgrade of buildings that are close to completion. It also gives a VIP bonus to your resource production. Increasing your VIP level enables you to increase your VIP bonus and build completion time.

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