How do you say hello in 30 languages?

How do you say hello in 30 languages?

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What is Pink Guy worth? As Pink Guy he released the album Pink Guy in 2014 and Pink Season in 2017. Under the name Joji he released the album Ballads 1 in 2018 which reached #1 on the US R&B and US R&B/Hip-Hop charts as well as #3 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Joji Net Worth.

Net Worth:$8 Million
Profession:Singer, songwriter, rapper, comedian

Who is the real Howtobasic? More videos on YouTube. It’s revealed that it’s Michael Stevens of Vsauce who has tantalized us with this channel for the past seven years.

What is Joji’s real name? How a Viral YouTube Star Evolved to Become a Hit R&B Star. In 2013, George Miller — called Joji — wasn’t known for his music. He was known as a hugely popular comic YouTube personality called Filthy Frank, in the tradition of Jackass.

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What is Joji doing now 2022?

Joji tour dates 2022 – 2023. Joji is currently touring across 4 countries and has 8 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at Unknown venue in Jakarta, after that they’ll be at Unknown venue again in Manila. See all your opportunities to see them live below!

Why did Filthy Frank turn into Joji?

According to Miller, along with the lack of enjoyment he received from producing the content, the rough, low voice he’d used for the character of Frank had actually caused throat tissue damage, and pre-existing neurological conditions made it difficult to continue the content.

Is Filthy Frank Japanese?

George Kusunoki Miller (ジョージ・楠木・ミラー, Jōji Kusunoki Mirā, born 18 September 1992), known professionally as Joji and formerly as Filthy Frank and Pink Guy, is a Japanese singer, songwriter, rapper, comedian, and former YouTuber.

What does Filthy Frank represent?

“Filthy Frank is the embodiment of everything a person should not be. He is anti-PC, anti-social, and anti-couth,” said Miller. “He behaves and reacts excessively to everything expressly to highlight the ridiculousness of racism, misogyny, legalism, injustice, ignorance and other social blights.”

Why did Tvfilthyfrank stop?

George Miller (a.k.a. Joji or Filthy Frank) has left YouTube because of the stress of keeping the channel alive was too much for him to handle at the time. He would to the point of having seizures when he gets too stressed out.

What does Filthy Frank say in Japanese?

Speech. The Dark Lord Chin-Chin only has one proper phrase: “Ore wa ochinchin ga daisuki nandayo”. However he says this infamous line with particular accents and tones to create different words.

Is Filthy Frank anime?

Filthy Frank became an official Anime lover in 2015, using conventional firearms and break-dancing to stregnthen the anime’s power.

Can Joji actually speak Japanese?

He was born on Septem in Osaka, Japan. He is half Japanese and half Australian. He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York and often flies to Los Angeles for work, where he has a residence. He can speak fluent English and Japanese and some broken Spanish.

Are Pink Guy and Filthy Frank the same person?

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How does the Filthy Frank Lore End?

Ending up in NYC, Frank and Pink Guy and Salamander Man meet Safari Man and stay in his apartment, eventually meeting others like Alpha Centurion and Drone. Soon, Chin-Chin appears to Frank and tells him that he must pay him in chromosomes.

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