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How is Redo of Healer?

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How is Redo of Healer? Anyway in my opinion the show is good at what it tries to be – an extremely dark revenge fantasy. The main character gets heavily abused in the most horrible ways you can imagine. He starts out as a naive young adventurer limited to healing powers which severely limits his fighting capabilities.

Is Redo of Healer popular with females? According to the author of the Redo of Healer light novel, Tsukiyo Rui, female viewership of the anime adaptation is higher than the average when it comes to anime in general.

What genre of anime is Redo of Healer? A dark fantasy genre anime adaptation aired from January to March 2021. Redo of Healer is one of those awesome revenge stories that handles a lot of adult themes, controversial scenes, and disturbing female characters. But we know you watch it for the action scenes, character development, and overall awesome plot.

How does Keyaru get revenge on bullet? In one incident, Bullet left a pedal of roses in Keyaru’s tent and surprised him. He hit him very hard but quickly felt remorseful. In his own twisted way, he made amends to him by raping the sub-conscious Keyaru.

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Is Keyaru a villain?

Keyarga, originally known by his real name, as Keyaru and also known as the Hero of Recovery, is the titular protagonist villain of the 2017 Japanese dark fantasy light novel, manga and anime series Redo of Healer.

Is redo of the healer for kids?

The movie begins with sexual innuendo, explicit language is used throughout and makes no mention directly of God. This is not a faith based movie nor kid friendly. Be aware!

Who is the MC of Redo of Healer?

Keyaru (ケヤル), also known as Keyaruga (ケヤルガ), is the main protagonist of Redo of Healer. On his 14th birthday, he was chosen as one of the Heroes, the Hero of Healing. After years of torture at the hands of his “allies”, he manages to break free and get the Philosopher’s Stone.

Is Redo of Healer violent?

Mild to Intense violence involving sword fights, torture and assault. In the uncensored version, details of the torture may disturbing some of the viewers. The censored version is explicit but the gore scenes are hide, so it’s much less disturbing than the other version. Violent in terms of torture and sword fights.

Does Redo of Healer has a manga?

Redo of Healer (Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi), or simply Kaiyari, is the manga adaptation of the original light novel of the same name.

Where does Redo of Healer leave off in the manga?

You can pick up the Redo of Healer manga after the anime at Chapter 30. Sure hope you got your hands on the uncensored version, you hounds.

What is Keyaru’s power?

Transmutation: Keyaru can modify a target’s body by transmuting them, allowing him to change their appearance, physical stats, gender, and mind.

How does redo the healer end?

Norn fails the challenge, so he and Freia rape her. He then erases Norn’s memories and turns her into Ellen, his little sister who is in love with him, and turns Freia back to normal.

Does Keyaru like Freia?

After Keyaru escapes captivity, Flare is subject to physical torture and rape before having her appearance modified and memories erased. After she woke up, Keyaru convinced her that she was Freia, his lover and slave.

Is healer redo worth it?

You definitely should give it a watch. It’s a harem anime you should know that. It’s just a revenge story u know where the MC is a bad guy.

What is the plot of redo of a healer?

Keyaru is a healing magician who is sexually abused repeatedly by others. Using his healing magic, he goes back four years into the past to get revenge on the ones who abused him. “Healing magicians cannot fight alone”. Keyaru, who was bound by this common knowledge, was exploited again and again by others.

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Table of Contents
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