How many Bandori characters are there?

How many Bandori characters are there? Fans of the franchise don’t just love the game, they love the characters too! All 35 Bandori girls have distinct personalities and quirky interactions with each other, while the 25 boys from the newer ARGONAVIS series have potential to grow and develop to be as well-loved as Bandori’s characters.

What is Ra hidden name? However, instead of telling his name, Ra boasts of his creation of the earth and mountains and of his power to make the Nile rise (206). He tells Isis some of his other names–“I am Khepera in the morning, Ra at noon-day, and Temu in the evening” (207)– but he will not surrender his secret name.

How old is MOCA Aoba? She has a sleepy demeanor and speaks with a slow, monotone voice, but is surprisingly sly at times. Her favorite food is Bread. Her birthday is September 3.

Moca Aoba
Aoba Moka

How tall is layer from Bandori? BanG Dream! / Characters list / LAYER

Name (Stage)LAYER
Height172 cm
Liked foodHot milk (with honey)
Disliked foodBitter coffee, sea cucumbers
Astrological SignCapricorn

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Who is the tallest in Bandori?

Girls Band Party! is Wakana Rei, but you might know her by her stage name: LAYER. LAYER stands at a whopping 7’2″!

What is Ras real name?

John R. Austin II (born Septem), better known by his stage name Ras Kass, is an American rapper. He is a member of the hip hop supergroup The HRSMN, along with Canibus, Killah Priest, and Kurupt in 2014. He is also a member of the group Golden State Warriors with Xzibit and Saafir.

Did Ra have a son?

Among the first and oldest gods, Ra has existed for eternity. He brought all creation to life and in addition to creating many gods, he brought to life two sons: Osiris and Set.

What is layers real name Bandori?

Wakana Rei is a second-year high school student at Geijutsu Academy’s Musical Department. She goes by the stage name LAYER (レイヤ) and is the vocalist and bassist for the band RAISE A SUILEN.

How old is Kokoro tsurumaki?

Tsurumaki Kokoro

Cure Popcorn
弦巻 こころ Tsurumaki Kokoro
Personal Information
Birthday DateAugust 8

Who is the oldest in Bandori?

kaoru is the oldest main girl in the game (she’s a second year and her bday is february 20th) aya is the youngest second year in the game. tsugumi is the oldest first year.

How tall is Kaoru from Bandori?

BanG Dream! / Characters list / Kaoru Seta

NameKaoru Seta 瀬田 薫
CV (Japanese)田所 あずさ
BirthdayFebruary 28
Height170 cm
Liked food[In character] Grape juice (in wine glass), Sachertorte, Vichyssoise [For real] Rice cakes miso soup
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