How many brothers are in Brothers conflict?

How many brothers are in Brothers conflict? After Ema’s dad decides to marry a woman by the name of Miwa Asahina, Ema discovers that she has 13 step brothers!

What happens at the end of brothers conflict? The season ends with Ema seeing the pictures of her and her new family (Asahina brothers) and decides to be a good family member.

How did Brothers conflict end? The season ends with Ema seeing the pictures of her and her new family (Asahina brothers) and decides to be a good family member.

Is Brothers Conflict a game? Brothers Conflict (ブラザーズ コンフリクト, Burazāzu Konfurikuto) is a game developed by Otomate and published by Idea Factory based on the Japanese novel series created by Atsuko Kanase, written by Takeshi Mizuno and illustrated by Udajo.

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Who does EMA Asahina end up with?

Only at the end of the novel, though, Ema is the one to confess to Subaru and they become a couple. In 13 bros. maniax it is shown they have a daughter named Chitose and they all live together in Tokyo.

How old is the oldest brother in Brothers conflict?

Masaomi Asahina. This 31 year old doctor is the eldest son of Miwa Asahina. Masaomi acts as the head of the family while their parents are away. He is considered to be the “father figure” of the Asahina household ever since their father passed away, as he is the most responsible and reliable.

Who is Natsume in Brothers conflict?

Natsume Asahina (朝日奈 棗, Asahina Natsume) is one of the main male protagonists and seventh son of the Asahina Family. He is the youngest fraternal triplet brother of Tsubaki and Azusa.

Is Masaomi Asahina in love with EMA?

Kaname Asahina. In the elevator, he is shown smiling after thinking about their encounter. After that, he flirts with her as usual, which makes her blush a lot. Ema is shown to blush frequently whenever she is around Kaname. He is in love with Ema.

How old is EMA in Brothers conflict?

She is 17 years old and a high school senior at Hinode High School. After her father remarries, she moves in with her 13 new stepbrothers. She is very good at cooking. Her father was always away working, leaving Ema to take care of herself, but now, with her new family, she feels happy and safe.

Is there a Brothers Conflict Season 2?

“Instead, the next race is going to begin now. In other words, the Brothers Conflict is going to keep going for a good while to come. And I’ll also be entering the fray this time, so good luck to us both.” However, to me, that’s not the only proof that Brothers Conflict Season 2 is confirmed.

What should I watch if I like brothers conflict?

Dance with Devils is as the name suggests a musical story about a girl being surrounded by demons, vampires and mysteries. Brothers Conflict is about a girl who moves in with her new brothers, when her father remarries the mother of these boys. The girl in both shows is very much loved and approached by many guys.

Is Brothers conflict a romance?

Brothers Conflict is one of the most romantic reverse harem anime ever, which focuses on the life of Ema Hinata who faces a complicated love problems with the Asahina brothers.

Is Brothers conflict worth watching?

However, when you really watch it, the story is actually pretty sweet. Considering how short the season was it did a pretty good job of developing each character and each one has their own personality. The conflicts are resolved in realistic manners and honestly, in the end, I can just say that’s really amazing.

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