How many wins does Deji?

How many wins does Deji? Deji profile. Deji’s record currently stands at 0 wins, 0 loses and 0 draws. He is currently undefeated in a total of 0 contests. Of those 0 wins he has stopped 0 of his opponents, so his current knock-out ratio is 0%. He’s boxed a total of 0 rounds, meaning his professional fights last NAN rounds on average.

How rich is Deji? As of November 2022, Deji’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $5 Million. What is this? Oladeji Daniel Olatunji “Deji” is a British Vlogger and Gaming Youtuber from London. He has over 9.7 million subscribers and over 3.4 billion views on his channel.

What breed is Deji dog? Tank, also known now as Tank I, was the first pet dog of the Olatunji family. Deji got Tank as he would a member of his family. Tank is a German Sheppard.

Why did KSI and Deji split up? In the video, Deji claimed KSI had been abusive towards him at an alarming rate. Deji alleged that KSI had thrown various objects at him, among other things. Deji went on to tell a story which supposedly occurred in 2015. He said he fell in love with an anonymous girl and recorded various videos with her.

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Why is KSI so rich?

The estimated net worth of KSI is $15 million.. He started streaming his FIFA games on YouTube and went on to earn over 4 billion views.

Is Deji related to KSI?

DEJI OLATUNJI, better known as YouTube sensation Comedy Shorts Gamer, is used to sharing the spotlight with his older brother KSI. In the first blowout of his career, he stepped out of the shadows in his first boxing win against Fousey on Aug and played in the Sidemen vs YouTube All Stars football match.

Is Deji a bot?

Oladeji ‘Deji’ Olatunji has come under fire from Pierce ‘Kavos’ Kavanagh and the wider YouTube community for allegedly botting his way to 10 million YouTube subscribers. However, he has defended himself, saying that even he knows it “doesn’t add up.”

Is KSI the Nigerian mom?

Yinka Atinuke Olatunji (born ) is the wife of Jide and mother of KSI and ComedyShortsGamer(Deji). She was born in Islington, UK on . Yinka was raised Catholic in Islington, UK to parents of Nigerian descent.

Does Deji have a gf?

Deji is a huge YouTuber in his own right, with over 10 million subscribers, but is often recognized as KSI’s younger brother, a mega-successful YouTuber-turned-boxer-turned-music artist. Deji has been with his girlfriend Dunjahh since around May 2019, having first met around nine years prior on Runescape.

Did Deji leave Love Island?

Deji entered Casa Amor on Day 26 before entering the villa on Day 31 and was dumped from the island on Day 49.

When did Deji fight Alex Wassabi?

USA boxing match. On March 5, Deji Olatunji and Alex Wassabi stepped into the ring for their anticipated Showstar UK vs. USA match, and it was ultimately Wassabi who ended up taking away the split decision victory.

What is Dejis GF name?

Deji’s girlfriend Dounja Akoudad is accused of being racist after making controversial remarks during a livestream on Twitch. If there’s one place where it’s not a good idea to make potentially controversial statements, it’s during a livestream with hundreds of viewers.

What allergy does KSI have?

KSI is allergic to peanuts. One food KSI cannot enjoy is anything with peanuts! Like his brother, he is seriously allergic to them.

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