How much is 60 billion double dollars?

How much is 60 billion double dollars? If you divide our $$60000000000 by 2.50 to get the amount of real world currency, it is $25000000000.

Is Trigun Maximum after the anime? So, Trigun Maximum was a continuation of Trigun. Trigun was ended before it was intended because the magazine where it was published, Shōnen Captain, was cancelled. The anime is based on Trigun only, as its air date was the same year that Trigun Maximum started publication.

What happens to Knives after Trigun? Knives seemingly uses the last of his power to raise a small fruit tree beside the house as a final gift to the father and son and to Vash, and seemingly vanishes afterward. He is never seen again (probably died due to loss of his energy and as Plants die, he withers).

Why do they call it Trigun? The series is named Trigun because Vash has three guns. His revolver, his prosthetic arm which houses a gun, and his angel arm. Knives and Vash are twins, that fact not only makes them both equal theoretically,_ but practically as well.

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Is Meryl a REM?

Meryl Stryfe has shown to have a striking similarity to Rem, both in terms of her appearance and outlook on life. It has thus been speculated that Meryl may be the granddaughter of Rem or her reincarnation.

Why is Vash 60 billion?

Set on the planet No Man’s Land/Gunsmoke, Vash is the most feared outlaw who has earned a bounty of $$60 billion (“double dollar”) on his head and the nickname “The Humanoid Typhoon” (人間台風) after accidentally destroying a city with his supernatural powers.

Did wolfwood and Milly sleep together?

While he contemplates he is comforted by Milly whom he had grown to develop a romantic interest for while traveling and vice versa, resulting in the two embracing each other and having sex later that night.

Has Vash killed anyone?

Vash never ends up killing though, always figuring out a way to survive without finishing anyone off. Vash still gets scarred by Legato’s actions, as most of The Gung-ho Guns either get killed for failing to put an end to Vash or commit suicide because they were afraid of being punished by Knives.

Why was Trigun Cancelled?

A Struggling Manga. Trigun began as a manga written and drawn by Yasuhiro Nightow for Monthly Shonen Captain. The series was not exactly a hit. It had enough readers to run from 1995 to 1997, but it was ultimately canceled with a cliffhanger ending leaving many plot threads unresolved.

Who is the strongest person in Trigun?

Elendira the Crimson Nail is a manga-only character who appears at the end of volume 5. She is considered the most powerful of the Gung-Ho Guns, referred to as “Lost Number Thirteen” by Wolfwood.

Can Vash heal his scars?

Powers & Abilities. Healing Factor: Due to his Plant heritage, Vash can easily heal from most wounds. Most bullet wounds he takes are easily healed, and he claims that he could heal the scars covering his body, but chooses not to.

How long can Vash the Stampede live?

Extended lifespan. The character Vash shows an extended lifespan beyond the reach of ordinary humans. In the Anime series, the character is 130 years old. In the manga version, he is aged even more so at 150 years.

What race is Vash the Stampede?

Vash is not human, but a human-like Plant, inter-dimensional beings that are tapped as a source of power and energy. As a Plant, his body does not physically age past his mid-twenties, though he is 150 by the time the series begins.

How did Vash the Stampede get his scars?

Because Vash refuses to kill any of his opponents, he often suffers at the hands of a number of very unscrupulous enemies. As a result, his body is a patchwork of large scars, chunks of missing flesh supported by metal mesh, and stitch marks.

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