How old are all the jojos?

How old are all the jojos? JoJo Statistics Chart

Josuke Higashikata• 16• 1983
Giorno Giovanna• 26• April 16th
Jolyne Cujoh• 19• 1992
Johnny Joestar• 29• 1872

What is JJBA target audience? “(JoJo) Siwa’s target audience is preteens and younger. That means many children will now see someone they look up to living their true queer selves and happy about it – something I never experienced as a child,” writes David Oliver.

How many copies has JoJo sold? 120 million. All series in this list have at least 20 million copies in circulation.

At least 100 million copies and above.

Manga seriesJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
No. of collected volumes131
Approximate sales120 million

What is the most liked JoJo character? The most well-known and arguably fan-favorite JoJo, Jotaro Kujo, is the protagonist of Part 3: Stardust Crusaders. In terms of overall strength and power, Jotaro takes the cake. With the help of his stand Star Platinum, Jotaro is by far one of the strongest characters in all of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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Do girls watch JoJo?

Absolutely. Myself included, and I am also reading the manga. It’s a great series for any anime fans. I showed it to people at a local library’s anime club and they all liked it.

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What is the Big 3 anime?

The Big Three was a term used to describe the three most popular running series during their golden age in Jump – One Piece, Naruto and Bleach. All three series got their common title due to their worldwide popularity and length.

What is the most watched anime?

Fullmetal Alchemist (TV)

Top 50 Most Viewed
#titleseen by
1Fullmetal Alchemist (TV)23768
2Death Note (TV)22501
3Cowboy Bebop (TV)21297

What is the best-selling anime?

Below is the complete list of the top 10 highest-grossing anime franchises of all time:

  • #1 Pokémon – $110 billion.
  • #2 Anpanman – $44.9 billion.
  • #3 Dragon Ball – $30 billion.
  • #4 Gundam – $27.8 billion.
  • #5 Yu-Gi-Oh – $17.1 billion.
  • #6 One Piece – $14.5 billion.
  • #7 Sailor Moon – $13.9 billion.

Who is the nicest JoJo?

6/10 Josuke Higashikata: The Kindest Of The Joestars. He’s situationally hot-blooded, but also kind and helpful. This is shown by his Stand, Crazy Diamond, which is primarily used for healing. Sure, when people talk bad about his hair, Josuke gets a little…

Who is the fan favorite JoJo?

Despite being a villain, DIO is loved a lot by the fans. He has been a crucial part of almost every JoJo part. DIO’s malevolent personality and the insane amount of memes earned him a huge fan base. He might not be the best villain in the series, but he is certainly the most loved one.

What age group is JoJo bizarre adventure for?

This program is intended to be viewed by mature, adult audiences and may be unsuitable for children under 17.

How old is JJBA?

Written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure began serialization in the weekly shōnen manga anthology Weekly Shōnen Jump’s combined issue #1–2 of 1987, published in Japan by Shueisha on Janu.

Who is the youngest JoJo?

Giorno Giovanna takes the lead as Part 5’s JoJo and despite being the youngest JoJo to date, his adventure is filled with excitement and grief.

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