How old are the girls in Blend S?

How old are the girls in Blend S? Characters. Maika is a 16-year-old girl who has a positive and cheerful personality, and unintentionally gains a sadistic look in her eyes whenever she smiles. This look catches the attention of Dino, who scouts her to be the “sadistic girl” waitress at Café Stile.

Who ends up with Mei? No longer able to deny her feelings for Yuzu, she quit the engagement when Yuzu proposed to her, to which Mei accepted. As of the end of the original manga run, the two characters are now married. As shown in Citrus Plus, Mei has become content and determined to ensure her relationship with Yuzu remains firm.

What is Dino’s wife’s name? Juliet. Dino (The Flintstones)


Who is the idol in Blend S? Hideri Kanzaki is a major protagonist in the yonkoma manga and anime series Blend S. As a crossdresser, he took role in Cafe Stile as an idol.

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Do Maika and Dino end up together?

In Blend S, Maika and Dino develop romantic feelings for each other, but they do not end up together in the end.

Is there romance in Blend S?

Blend S was a whole lot more fun though. Both MC worked in a cafe/restaurant and was exposed to the quirkiness that is their fellow employers. The anime is set in the workplace, the daily life of the characters is told with a hint of romance.

Is Blend s appropriate?

There’s one scene of accidental groping, and there’s the attempt to make Maika into an actual dominatrix- which even the characters in the SHOW found ill-advised, in the end. We’ll say 15+ for the show, overall.

How tall is Sakuranomiya?

Her height in the manga and anime are different. The difference is 10 cm, with her anime height is 146 cm and in manga, 156 cm.

How tall is Dino in Blend S?

BirthdayMay 5 (Taurus)
Height188 cm (6’2″)
HobbiesWatching Japanese Anime/Collecting figures

Is Maika from Blend S rich?

8/10 She Is From A Wealthy Family. While this is never said outright, it is not hard to miss that Maika may be a rich young woman. For one, she speaks very formally to anyone and everyone. Secondly, her house is gigantic and appears like a traditional Japanese-style estate.

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