How old are the Mew Mew girls?

How old are the Mew Mew girls? Her age is upped from 13 to 16. Her animal changes to just a Wild Mountain Cat in the pilot episode but goes back to Iriomote Wildcat in later episodes.

What animal is Mew Lettuce? Finless Porpoise

Retasu Midorikawa
Japanese Name緑川 れたす (Midorikawa Retasu)
Mew NameMew Lettuce
Age13-14 (Anime and manga) 15 (Mew Mew Power)
AnimalFinless Porpoise (Neophocaena phocaenoides)

How old is kisshu Tokyo Mew Mew? Quiche seems to have the body size of a human male around 13 years old that is notably skinny. He dresses in clothes obviously native to his race. He wears a dark green shirt with poofy sleeves and high collar with red stitching and a brown shirt over top.

What animal is mint from Tokyo Mew Mew?

Minto Aizawa
Japanese Name藍沢 みんと (Aizawa Minto)
Mew NameMew Mint
Age12-13 (Tokyo Mew Mew) 16 (Mew Mew Power)
AnimalBlue Lorikeet (Vini peruviana)

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What animals are Tokyo Mew Mew?

Chimera Animas (キメラアニマ, Kimera Anima) are the names of the monsters the aliens create in Tokyo Mew Mew. In Mew Mew Power, the monsters are called Predasites. The jellyfish-like creatures used to make the Chimera are known as Infusers in Mew Mew Power.

Is Aoyama Deep Blue?

Deep Blue came to Earth years before the other aliens and took the form of a human boy named Masaya Aoyama.

How many Mew Mews are there?

The Mew Mews are seven girls who have had their genes injected with the DNA of endangered species, and have to fight the aliens, in order to assure peace on Planet Earth. They are the protagonists of the series, although Ringo does not appear in any Manga or Anime.

Does Aoyama know Ichigo is a Mew Mew?

Masaya is the only person outside the Mew Project to know Mew Ichigo’s real identity, but initially pretends otherwise as he knows Ichigo does not want him to know. He was supportive of it when she finally told him in Episode 38, and said he would help her hide it.

Who is the Blue Night in Tokyo Mew Mew?

His voice actor is Megumi Ogata in Tokyo Mew Mew. In the Mew Mew Power English adaptation, he is one of the few characters whose original name is retained. He is voiced by Sean Schemmel in Mew Mew Power. In Italian dub the Blue Knight was dubbed by Davide Garbolino, Ryo Shirogane’s Italian voice actor.

How tall is Mew Ichigo?

Ichigo Momomiya
Japanese Name桃宮 いちご (Momomiya Ichigo)
Height5’0″ (152cm)
Weight42 kgs (93 pounds/lbs)
Hair ColorPink (Transformed in the 1st anime and manga; untransformed in the manga) Red (Transformed in the 2nd anime and manga; untransformed in the 2nd anime)

Does Kishu like Ichigo?

Quiche still has feelings for Ichigo, but does not try to interfere with her and Masaya’s relationship.

Is Tokyo Mew Mew a copy of Sailor Moon?

In other words, Tokyo Mew Mew is a direct result of Sailor Moon; without the innovation of Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew would never have come into existence. Being published in the same manga magazine, the publishers couldn’t have cared less if it was just a copy of Sailor Moon churned out to turn a profit.

Why is it called Tokyo Mew Mew?

Berry Shirayuki joined the Mew Mews and became the temporary leader in the manga Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode, making her the 7th and final member. The girls first took up the name “Tokyo Mew Mew” after their battle with a Chimera Anima was broadcast on TV all over Tokyo.

How did the Mew Mews get their powers?

It focuses on five girls infused with the DNA of endangered animals which gives them special powers and allows them to transform into “Mew Mews”. Led by Ichigo Momomiya, the girls protect the earth from aliens who wish to “reclaim” it.

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