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How old are they in Toradora?

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How old are they in Toradora? Older Than She Looks: She’s a 17-year-old high school student with a preteen body. Her childlike appearance is one of the many issues behind her bad attitude.

How old is Taiga in Toradora? Appearance. Taiga Aisaka has lightest brown hair, white skin, big eyes with brown pupils and she is short, despite her being 18 years old.

How big is Taiga from Toradora? She has a beautiful appearance, but dislikes the company of others, with the exception of her best friend Minori Kushieda. Because of her tendency to snap fiercely at others, and because of her diminutive stature (143.6 cm (4 ft 8.5 in)), Taiga’s nickname is “Palmtop Tiger” (手乗りタイガー, Te Nori Taigā).

How old is Ryuuji? Ryuuji Takasu (高須 竜児, Takasu Ryūji) is the series’ main male protagonist. He is a sixteen-year-old high school student in his second year, in class 2-C. Due to biological inheritance, his sanpaku eyes make him look like an intimidating delinquent and cause many misunderstandings.

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Is Toradora a harem?

Yes it is a harem anime imo. The lead is surrounded by girl who all care about him in a certain way. It’s just not focused on them and that’s why some people see it as a no-harem show.

When did Taiga fall in love with Ryuuji?

Fans have been curious as to when Taiga and Ryuuji fall in love in Toradora. While it is true that Ryuuji and Taiga confessed their feelings to each other by episode 24, hence the episode title “Confession”, fans have been curious as to when Taiga and Ryuuji fell in love in Toradora.

Will Toradora get a season 2?

Overall, it is clear that anime fans already have an idea of why the second season of Toradora won’t show up. The fact that there’s no new content and a remake or added story would be a stretch seems to be recognized by all these three platforms.

Why does Taiga wear long socks?

It’s shown to viewers relatively early on that Taiga’s quite clumsy and often hurts herself on accident, and she actually wears long socks to cover the numerous scars and bruises that cover her legs.

Who does Minori end up with in Toradora?

1 She Actually Confessed To Ryuuji Early In The Anime. Though Minori doesn’t verbally confess to having been in love with Ryuuji until the very end of the series, she actually does admit her feelings within the first ten episodes. Thing is, it’s in her own cryptic Minori way, so it flies right over Ryuuji’s head.

What is Ryuji’s mom job?

Plot. Yasuko works at a hostess bar named Bishamontengoku where she goes by the name Mirano (魅羅乃) and singlehandedly supports her two-member family financially.

How old is taiga and Ryuuji?

This is based on when the light novel was first released. If Ryuuji and Taiga were both 17 in 2006 then right now they and the rest of the gang should be at least 33 years old right now.

Why is Taiga left?

The original canon Light Novel on which the anime is supposedly based on tells that Ryuuji let Taiga go so that she could be with her mom, and her new father and her brother. Taiga drops out from school and transfers to a new school.

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Table of Contents
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