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How old is Chika Fujiwaras sister?

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How old is Chika Fujiwaras sister?

Moeha Fujiwara
Age 14
Gender Female
Birthday June 26 (Cancer)
Hair Color Silver (Manga) Pink (Anime)

Who is Chika sister?

Chika Fujiwara
Full name Chika Fujiwara
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Family Daichi Fujiwara (father) Maho Fujiwara (mother) Toyomi Fujiwara (older sister) Moeha Fujiwara (younger sister)

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Does Fujiwara like Ishigami?

And unlike Miko, Fujiwara seems to acknowledge that she likes Ishigami as a friend despite his rudeness and commit to that.

Who ends up with Hayasaka?

Yu Ishigami. The two quickly bond over a mutual interest in technology, and Hayasaka gives him advice on how to study undistracted by electronics. Their Relationship continued to Blossom over the years and they are now on first name Terms.

Who is Ishigami in love with?

When he joins the Cheerleading team, Ishigami falls in love with Tsubame, a popular classmate, who eventually rejects him, though she hopes to remain friends with him. It is around this time that Miko Iino develops a crush on Ishigami, though she’s too shy and defensive to express these feelings.

How strong is Chika?

With this Trigger, Chika was able to shoot through HQ’s trion wall and obliterate a Rabbit. Her beams are so devastating that a single one could destroy multiple trion bodies just by passing next to them. Because of her psychological block, however, she only acts as support.

How tall is shinomiya?

Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Statistics Chart

Character Age Height
Kaguya Shinomiya 17 5’2″ (158 cm)
Kei Shirogane 14 5’2″ (158 cm)
Kobachi Osaragi 16 5’4″ (163 cm)
Maki Shijo 17 5’1″ (155 cm)

Does Chika ever shoot?

Fortunately for Oji, Chika cannot shoot at people; otherwise, he would have been blown away. While Chika is not a cunning person by nature, she demonstrates an ability to make quick and accurate decisions, taking advantage of her opponents’ prior expectations.

Who likes Chika Kudo?

It is also implied that Chika has developed romantic feelings towards Satowa, and vice versa (he called her beautiful and cute).

Does Chika and Ishigami end up together?

Nope never. Chika and even kaguya have a great relationship with ishigami but that’s nothing romantic. It’s more like a senpai-kohai or sister-brother kind of a relationship.

Who does Chika end with?

So far, Chika Fujiwara doesn’t end up with anyone in the Kaguya-sama: Love Is War manga or anime. While she’s interested in others’ love lives, she doesn’t seem equally interested in her own, until Kaguya and Miyuki end up together, at least.

What is Chika IQ?

In Kaguya Shinomiya’s flashback, Chika stated that her IQ is 3 , but where and how she got that number is unknown.

Who has a crush on Chika?

Haysaca (her cross-dressing butler persona) is the only ‘male’ character to date who Fujiwara has shown genuine physical attraction to.

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