How old is Felix Who Made Me a Princess?

How old is Felix Who Made Me a Princess? He is older than Claude by two years, which makes him 31 when Athy is more or less 14 years old. His mother was a maid at the imperial palace (only noble people could serve the royal family) and she was Claude’s nanny, so he and Felix are bosom brothers.

What happened to Diana in Who Made Me a Princess? She chose to name her unborn daughter Athanasia, defying the royal tradition of bestowing names that meant immortality to only official heirs to the empire. Within the walls of the Ruby Palace, Diana ultimately died giving birth to Athanasia.

Did Athanasia and Lucas have a child? Attheia de Alger Obelia. Daughter of Lucas and Athanasia de Alger Obelia And also the forgotten princess. Fate was never in Attheia’s favor. Her mother died during her birth, her father ignored her, and her grandfather avoided her at all costs.

How old is Athanasia? By the time the novel ends, Athanasia is 18 years old though she has mentally lived multiple lifetimes.

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Does Claude remember Athanasia?

After Felix informs him of the coma, Claude interrogates Athanasia. He states he doesn’t remember having an offspring but acknowledges she does indeed have the eyes of the royal bloodline and threatens to gouge it out.

How old is Claude in Who Made Me a Princess?

Claude took the throne at 18 years old. He met Diana when he was 23 years old. When Diana died Claude was 26 years old.

What happened to Athanasia?

She died after taking sleeping pills which resulted in her death, it is unknown if the cause of her death was suicide or accidental overdose, however, Lucas states that Athanasia in her second life gave up due to despair.

Who is Jennette in Who Made Me a Princess?

Manhwa Debut. Jennette Margarita, also known as Jennette de Alger Obelia, is a supporting character in Who Made Me a Princess and the protagonist of the fictional novel, The Lovely Princess.

Who Made Me a Princess Claude?

Claude de Alger Obelia is a main character in Who Made Me a Princess and the current reigning emperor of the Obelian Empire. In The Lovely Princess, Claude executed Athanasia de Alger Obelia and usurped the throne by murdering Anastacius de Alger Obelia, his older brother and proper heir to the throne.

What is suddenly became a princess one day about?

This Manhwa series is the story of a humble girl who wakes up one day and discovers that she has been transformed into the princess of one of her favorite novels. She loves her new life, however, she knows that, in the future, this character will be murdered by the emperor, so she must try to change this fate.

Who is the male lead in suddenly I became a princess?

Ijekiel Alpheus is a supporting character in Who Made Me a Princess and the oldest son of the House of Alpheus. In the fictional novel The Lovely Princess, he is the male lead and ends up as Princess Jennette’s fiancé at the end of the story.

Who Made Me a Princess original Athanasia?

Athanasia de Alger Obelia is the main protagonist in Who Made Me a Princess, and the current Crown Princess of the Obelian Empire.

Who Made Me a Princess novel Lucas?

Lucas is a supporting character in Who Made Me a Princess and the powerful Magician of the Black Tower. After successfully stabilizing Athanasia’s overflowing mana, he was appointed as the official companion of the crown princess.

Who does Athanasia end up with?

In the novel canonically, FL (which is Athanasia or aka Athy) and Lucas do end up together. Their relationship builds up with a some fluffy scenes, some of which are only interpreted in the novel.

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