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How old is kotori Minami?

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How old is kotori Minami? Kotori Minami is one of the main characters in Love Live! School Idol Project. She is 16 years old and a second year in Otonokizaka high school.

How tall is Dia Kurosawa?

My Rating💗💗💗💗
Blood TypeA
Height162 cm
HobbiesWatching movies and reading
Favorite FoodMatcha flavored candy and pudding

Who is Ryo Kurosawa? Ryo Kurosawa (遼黒澤 Kurosawa Ryo) is a first-year student at U.A. High, training to become a Pro Hero. His hero name is Pressure (圧迫 Atsuryoku).

Did Aqours disband? She, Dia, and Mari are childhood friends who formed a school idol group in their first year named Aqours, but disbanded quickly, leading the three to separate.

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How old is Ruby love live?

Ruby Kurosawa is one of the main characters in Love Live! Sunshine!!

Ruby Kurosawa
BirthdaySeptember 21
Blood TypeA

Is Ruby a witch charmed?

In “Unsafe Space”, it is revealed that Ruby is also a witch, having been placed in Witchness Protection two years after almost being killed by her mom’s man who turned out to be a demon.

Is Dia and Lugh married?

Dia Viekone is one of the main characters of the series. She is a noble from a foreign country and one of the strongest mages alive. She’s the cousin of Lugh Tuatha Dé and is currently engaged to him.

Did Lugh assassinated dia?

By revealing to us right away that Lugh’s mission to kill Dia is a lie and the real mission is to fake her death, much of the potential internal conflict is lost.

Is Dia in love with Lugh?

She is shown to have strong romantic feelings for him, and even dreams of Lugh doing perverted things to her, to which Lugh is fully oblivious. As of volume 3, after Tarte asked for him to give her an actual kiss rather than their normal routine, he gladly did so, requiting her love for him.

What anime is Dia from?

Dia Kurosawa is a main character in Love Live! Sunshine!!. She was a third year student of Uranohoshi Girls’ High School until she graduated in the anime’s series finale.

Are DIA and Ruby sisters?

Ruby is a first year student who is the younger sister of Dia Kurosawa, who she shares a strong bond with.

What is Kurosawa in Japanese?

Kurosawa (written: 黒沢 or 黒澤 lit. “black swamp”) is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include: Akira Kurosawa, highly acclaimed filmmaker.

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