How old is Naotsugu Log Horizon?

How old is Naotsugu Log Horizon? In the old world, Naotsugu is a 25-year-old businessman named Naotsugu Hasegawa (葉瀬川直継, Hasegawa Naotsugu).

Does Shiroe love Minori? Minori soon develops feelings for Shiroe but doesn’t become aware of them until she sees Akatsuki act affectionately with him during the Libra Festival (according to Touya, everyone else was able to see her feelings long before she figured them out).

What does DDD stand for in log horizon? Richou. Debauchery Tea Party. Indicus. D.D.D is a powerful guild in Elder Tale. It is the largest battle guild in Akiba and has more than 1,500 members, including many who are level 90.

How old is sarara? Serara (spelled Selala in the Japanese light novels) is a sixteen-year-old Human Druid-Housekeeper who is a part of the Crescent Moon Alliance. While she isn’t generally strong, she holds sufficient healing and cleaning prowess and makes good use of her class’ abilities.

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Who are the members of debauchery Tea Party?


Debauchery Tea Party
MembersAihie • Calm.H.Dale • Gingami • Gorouhachirou • Hayato • Indicus • KR • Kazuhiko • Naotsugu • Nazuna • Nurukan • Nyanta • RamMutton • Shiroe • Soujiro Seta • Stallbourne • Suikazura • Saki • Suzuna • Taigamaru • Tsukine • Tuli • Whistler • Yomi • Yuko • ★Kurama☆

Does Log Horizon End?

It began serialization on J, ended on Ma, and was published by Fujimi Shobo in the Age Premium magazine.

Is Log Horizon a harem?

So, while both have harem aspects, neither is a harem anime due to it not being the primary focus of the show. Harem anime are built on the premise of the harem, these series are not. I agree that Log Horizon certainly isn’t a harem, but I’ve already talked about some of the key differences between it and SAO.

Who is the villain in log horizon?

Type of Villain. Nureha (real name: Touko Hagio) is one of the main antagonists of the light novel and anime series, Log Horizon. She is a veteran player of Elder Tales and the Guild Master of Plant Hwyaden.

Is there any romance in Log Horizon?

Minori began to display affection for Shirou (which escalated QUICKLY), and she even confessed it to herself, and she realized Akatsuki’s love for Shirou and even went and said that it’s unfair and that Shirou should belong to her (which she felt bad for). Other romances also developed (Marielle and Naotsugu, etc.)

Who has a crush on Shiroe in log horizon?

Guild mistress and first seat of Plant Hwyaden, Nureha is a level 90 Fox Tail Enchanter who knew Shiroe before the Apocalypse and has an obsessive infatuation with him.

How old are the twins in Log Horizon?

A 14-year-old boy in real life named Touya Housaki (鵬咲十夜, Hōsaki Tōya?), a major accident left him paraplegic, leading him and his elder twin sister, Minori, to begin playing Elder Tale so he can socialize without his disability hindering him.

What level is Akatsuki?

She is Lv. 90 at the start of the series, which was the level cap before the Apocalypse. Her main class is Assassin and her subclass is Tracker, and so she is the hardest hitter among the Log Horizon members.

Does Shiro get with Akatsuki?

After she takes the potion, the three of them discuss the situation after the Catastrophe. For the convenience of all three of them, Shiroe proposes that Akatsuki join them, which she agrees to: on the basis that she treats him as her Lord.

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