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How old is Nyanta?

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How old is Nyanta? In real life, Nyanta is older than many of the other characters; Shiroe estimates him to be in his late 30s or early 40s. In the Log Horizon: Nyanta’s Fortune Recipes manga, he is revealed to have been a married college student a few years before Elder Tale’s release, making him most likely in his early 40s.

Does Shiroe get with Akatsuki? After she takes the potion, the three of them discuss the situation after the Catastrophe. For the convenience of all three of them, Shiroe proposes that Akatsuki join them, which she agrees to: on the basis that she treats him as her Lord.

Who has a crush on Shiroe in log horizon? Guild mistress and first seat of Plant Hwyaden, Nureha is a level 90 Fox Tail Enchanter who knew Shiroe before the Apocalypse and has an obsessive infatuation with him.

Who does Akatsuki like in log horizon? 3 HAS A CRUSH ON SHIROE. Initially, Akatsuki looks at Shiroe as someone who helps her out of being trapped in a man’s body. But over time, she starts to develop feelings for Shiroe, thanks to his reliability and belief in her.

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Is there romance in log horizon?

(If you’re looking it through the lens of a healthy relationship, platonic or otherwise, Log Horizon’s romance is a fairly good deconstruction and reconstruction.)

Is Minori in love with Shiroe?

Minori soon develops feelings for Shiroe but doesn’t become aware of them until she sees Akatsuki act affectionately with him during the Libra Festival (according to Touya, everyone else was able to see her feelings long before she figured them out).

What level is Shiroe?

Shiroe is an Enchanter from the anime and light novel series Log Horizon. He is level 90 at the beginning of the series, and progresses in level throughout. His abilities remain the same throughout the story.

Does Log Horizon End?

It began serialization on J, ended on Ma, and was published by Fujimi Shobo in the Age Premium magazine.

What level is Akatsuki?

She is Lv. 90 at the start of the series, which was the level cap before the Apocalypse. Her main class is Assassin and her subclass is Tracker, and so she is the hardest hitter among the Log Horizon members.

How old is Shiroe?

Shiroe (real name: Kei Shirogane) is the main protagonist of the light novel and anime series Log Horizon. He is a 23-year-old engineering graduate student and a veteran player of the MMORPG game Elder Tale and one that was pulled into the game by a mysterious phenomenon referred to as the Apocalypse.

Who is the villain in Log Horizon?

Type of Villain. Nureha (real name: Touko Hagio) is one of the main antagonists of the light novel and anime series, Log Horizon. She is a veteran player of Elder Tales and the Guild Master of Plant Hwyaden.

Is Elder tale a real game?

Elder Tale (エルダー・テイル, also spelled Elder Tales) is a fictional massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that is the setting of the Log Horizon series.

Does Shiroe meet Roe2?

The teaser for volume 16 revealed at the Re:Fraction exhibit has Roe2 and Shiroe finally meet in what seems to be his office, with Roe2 telling Shiroe she wants to “compare answers” with him.

Is Log Horizon better than SAO?

Where SAO might be seen more as an RPG focused on big, flashy moves and fun animation, Log Horizon might be better suited to someone who likes to play something like Final Fantasy Tactics, where the gameplay is focused on how to strategize in a particular battle and how each of the characters can contribute to it.

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