How old is Rentarou?

How old is Rentarou? She is eighteen years old, but due to having consumed a drug that was supposed to make her immortal, she spends much of her time in an eight-year-old body.

How old is Satomi in Black Bullet? Rentaro Satomi. Rentaro is about to shoot a Gastrea. The main 16-year-old protagonist of Black Bullet and Enju’s promoter of Tendo Civil Security.

Who is ENJU to Rentaro? She is one of the “Cursed Children” who are carrying Gastrea virus in their bodies. She is a precocious 10-year-old girl, who possesses a hidden superhuman power. Enju is emotionally attached to her partner, Rentaro Satomi, and looks at Kisara Tendo as a rival in love.

What are cursed children in Black Bullet? Cursed Children are young females with superhuman abilities. The Cursed Children first came into existence ten years prior to the current time period, when mankind was defeated by Gastrea.

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What happens to the blind girl in Black Bullet?

In response, the Blind Girl takes off her blindfold much to the shock of both people watching her, and explains that her mother poured lead into her eyes (because her mother hated her red eyes) and abandoned her.

Does ENJU become Gastrea?

In 2031 Rentaro Satomi of the Tendo Civil Security Agency investigates a Gastrea infection in the Tokyo Area and discovers a masked man who states his goal to destroy the world. Enju Aihara encounters the fleeing infected victim as he morphs into a giant Gastrea spider.

Does Seitenshi like Rentaro?

It has been implied that Seitenshi has feelings for Rentarou and gets annoyed when he calls her “princess” instead of her name. Throughout the series it is known that she cares about him and leaves her meeting early to save the lives of him and Tina.

What happens to ENJU in Black Bullet?

She continues to stand by Rentaro when Kohina arrives behind her, ignoring her presence as tears continue to descend down her face. Regardless, Kohina kicks her far from Rentaro, with Kagetane immediately shooting Black Bullets to kill Enju.

Who is strongest in Black Bullet?

Kohina Hiruko. Despite her slight stature, she is an extremely powerful Initiator, and is one of the marginalized Cursed Children. When she is first encountered, she works with the mysterious masked man to create chaos and destroy the world.

Who is the main villain in Black Bullet?

Kagetane Hiruko (蛭子影胤, ひるこ かげたね, Hiruko Kagetane) is an antagonist in the series, as well as a former Promoter working with Kohina Hiruko, his own daughter, as his Initiator. He is the main antagonist and later a deutragonist of Black Bullet.

Is Kisara a Yandere?

Although Kisara can exhibit yandere vibes when she gets jealous, it is always played as a comic relief and she does not do anything wicked to her love rivals or anything harmful to Shu. A more fitting love trope for Kisara might be a mix between a yeredere and undere.

What gun does Rentaro use?

Rentaro Satomi uses a Springfield Armory XD as his primary firearm. Because ordinary lead does not have any effect on the Gastrea, Rentaro uses black bullets made of Varanium metal, which disables the regenerative power of these monsters.

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