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How old is Rick Hunter in Robotech?

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How old is Rick Hunter in Robotech? Personality. Rick Hunter began as a naïve and headstrong nineteen-year-old civilian pilot, having flown for his father “Pops” Hunter’s world-class flying circus. Yet by the end of the series, he matured into a well-respected, experienced, and visionary military commander.

Are Macross and Robotech the same thing? As is well known, Robotech is the name given to the Super Dimensional series Fortress Macross – or simply Macross – in the United States, an anime that was very successful in Japan, around 1982.

Is Macross The first idol anime? Idols only really emerged in the 70s and Macross was simply the first anime to capture the burgeoning trend; works like Creamy Mami quickly followed behind.

How big is the Macross?

SDF-1 Macross
Original DesignerKazutaka Miyatake
Preproduction nameMegaroad / Megaload
Length1210 m
Operational Mass18,000,000 t

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Why is it called Macross?

The series title comes from the name of the main human spacecraft (which is usually shortened from Super Dimension Fortress to SDF-1 Macross as it is the first).

What comes after Macross?

Summed Up List:

  • Super Dimension Fortress Macross (1982)
  • Macross Zero (2002)
  • Macross Plus (1994)
  • Macross 7 (1994)
  • Macross Frontier (2008)
  • Macross Delta (2016)

Is Gundam the first mecha?

Mobile Suit Gundam (1979) is largely considered the first series to introduce the real robot concept and, along with The Super Dimension Fortress Macross (1982), would form the basis of what people would later call real robot anime.

What was Macross called in the US?

See, the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross was cut up and spliced with other shows into something called Robotech for American television in the mid-1980s.

Which came first Robotech or Macross?

Robotech (1985) is an original story adapted with edited content and revised dialogue from the animation of three different mecha anime series: Super Dimension Fortress Macross (1982–1983)

Who would win Gundam or Transformers?

In all seriousness, gundam would win. Most gundams are a lot taller than Transformers, and as RX-78-2 said, they’re faster. The weapons can be far more devastating as well. A beam saber would destroy optimus’ heat sword.

What is the strongest Gundam?

Strongest: Gundam Epyon. The close range companion to Gundam Wing Zero, Gundam Epyon was designed for one purpose: close quarter combat. While both Gundams are piloted by Heero Yuy during Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Gundam Epyon is later piloted by Zechs Merquise, Heero Yuy’s rival in the series.

Did Netflix remove Robotech?

First off, Robotech won’t be leaving Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming services just yet. Those deals are still in effect and will be allowed to continue until the existing terms of them run out. Funimation getting all rights to VOD, EST, home entertainment, and merchandising is the big news to focus on here.

Is Macross an idol anime?

The Macross franchise has been around for decades as a mecha-based space opera series that’s interestingly known for its inclusion of idols in its storytelling. Lynn Minmay is the original Macross idol who debuted in the early 1980s, and Macross Frontier’s Ranka Lee carries the idol torch in the mid-2000s.

Which is the best Macross?

With that in mind here is every Macross series and OVA ranked from worst to best:

  • Macross Plus [1994]
  • Macross Frontier [2007] …
  • Super Dimension Fortress Macross [1982] …
  • Flash back 2012 [1987] …
  • Macross Dynamite 7. …
  • Macross Zero [2002] …
  • Macross Delta [2016] …
  • Macross 7 [1994] …

Is Macross worth watching?

The classic anime franchise Macross is a hugely important entry in the history of mecha anime, as well as science fiction anime more broadly. It’s known for its swelling, operatic presentation of love stories set across the backdrop of war.

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