How old is Yang Kai now?

How old is Yang Kai now? Yan Kai has a Stone Family body, which is very long lived and his original body is supported by the tree of immortality. making his lifespan excessive. Yang Kai is in his early 100s.

How many wives does Yang Kai have in martial peak? His 8 wives accompany him on this endeavor, and they actually manage to help Yang Kai kill a powerful innate Territory Lord. After the mission is successfully completed, Yang Kai’s wives eventually make their return to Mysterious Nether Territory.

Does Yang Kai have a son? The adoptive son of Yang Kai, Yang Xiao is the Dragon child of Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun that seemed to have no chance of hatching as an egg. Eventually, Yang Kai uses the power of his own Ancestral Dragon Source in order to hatch Yang Xiao, and is subsequently recognized by the child as its father.

Where did Yang Kai get the demon eye? After Mo Sheng’s flesh body was destroyed by the Flowing Time Great Emperor, this eye was cast into the Void and somehow ended up on Tong Xuan Realm. Once there, it eventually formed a clone that would become known as the Great Demon God before eventually ending up with Yang Kai through his legacy.

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Does Yang Yan love Yang Kai?

Why Yang yan is not included in Yang Kai spouses? 😭 | Fandom. YY and YK have never had any romantic relationship. They merely have a friendship.

Who is the great demon god in martial peak?

Mo Sheng, i.e. the original Great Demon God, is an ancient Open Heaven Realm disciple of Myriad Demons Heaven that later becomes the forefather of the Demon Race. His Black Purgatory Eye and Demon Eye of Annihilation techniques are later acquired by Yang Kai on his pursuit of the Martial Dao.

How strong is Xiao Lang?

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Who is Xiao Lang?

He is the third strongest on the Heavenly Fate Plateau, a 5 star gold fighter who wields duel hammers. He is a cruel and vicious man that has many thugs that follow him.

Who does Yang Kai love the most?

Su Yan is a Core Disciple of High Heaven Pavilion when Yang Kai is still a Trial Disciple. Eventually, she becomes his 1st wife, and serves as one of his most beloved, loyal, and trusted companions as they both continuously pursue the peak of the Martial Dao.

Who is Kai 6th wife?

In the end, Yang Kai negotiated the unprecedented feat of maintaining his independence through the marrying of Qu Hua Chang and Tao Ling Wan into his household, at the cost of a massive dowry of 6th Rank and above Yin-Yang Attribute Resources.

How does Yang Kai become a great emperor?

During the Four Seasons Realm experience, Star Seals, which allow access to the legendary Shattered Star Sea, appear, and Yang Kai ends up obtaining 7 of them. Yang Kai also becomes famous here for refining the Extraordinary Treasure Pill, which practically guarantees promotion to the Emperor Realm.

Who is the owner of Black Book in martial peak?

The Demon Mystic Tome belonged to Great Demon God, and was created by him long ago. A fateful encounter with this tome is what allowed Yang Kai to start his path on the pursuit of the Martial Dao.

Is Yang Kai a dragon?

One day, it would end up accepting Yang Kai during his adventures in his home Small World, culminating in his eventual transformation into a pure Golden Dragon.

Does Yang Kai become immortal?

“Immortal and Indestructible Body”. Likewise, after Yang Kai finally refined the Immortal Tree in order to restore his destroyed flesh body in the war against Mo Sheng, he discovered that its effects were actually both limited and exhaustible.

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