How strong is Hyuse?

How strong is Hyuse? Thanks to the man’s tutelage Hyuse managed to reach B-rank mere hours after his enlistment in Border, and estimates that his current level in swordsmanship would place him somewhere between the No. 4 and No. 8 Attacker. He is also an extremely fast learner.

Does Yuma become a rank? Yūma and Murakami have a Rank War, resulting in Murakami’s victory. Murakami takes Yūma to Masato Kageura, the captain of Kageura Squad, one of their upcoming foes.

Who is S rank in World Trigger? There are four ranks available to Border agents. These ranks do not constitute an actual hierarchy, but express the status of an agent and their team within Border: C-rank is for trainees, A and B-rank are for official agents with normal Triggers, and S-rank is for official agents wielding Black Triggers.

Is World Trigger MC weak? At 89 chapters into the manga, from what I’ve seen, he doesn’t get a whole lot stronger (at least not like Yuma), but he does get more brave and reactive. Osamu’s strength comes from recognize that he is weak.

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Will Osamu get black trigger?

Black Triggers have also been seen to have unique abilities. Replica may be a sentient Black Trigger. Osamu and Chika will gain access to their own Black Triggers.

Does Chika learn to shoot people?

Fortunately for Oji, Chika cannot shoot at people; otherwise, he would have been blown away. While Chika is not a cunning person by nature, she demonstrates an ability to make quick and accurate decisions, taking advantage of her opponents’ prior expectations.

How strong is Chika?

With this Trigger, Chika was able to shoot through HQ’s trion wall and obliterate a Rabbit. Her beams are so devastating that a single one could destroy multiple trion bodies just by passing next to them. Because of her psychological block, however, she only acts as support.

Does Osamu mikumo ever get stronger?

When he got promoted to B Rank, he got a new one with a significant strength difference compared to his original C-Rank Trigger, as Osamu was able to easily defeat a Bander. When activated it takes the form of a large energy sword, but can shift into a blade better suited for combat and a shield as default modes.

Is the MC in World Trigger strong?

From the few posts that I have read so far, the answer is no, he stays weak as hell, whilst everyone else gets stronger in some form and he only gets where he is thanks to Yūma Kuga.

Who is the main protagonist in World Trigger?

Osamu Mikumo ( 三 み 雲 くも 修 おさむ , Mikumo Osamu ?) is one of the main characters of the manga and anime series World Trigger.

Who is the strongest in World Trigger?

Aftokrator’s Viza Is the Strongest Enemy. According to Aftokrator soldiers, Viza is using the national treasure Trigger of Aftokrator, and he has the power to match it. So he is probably one of the strongest if not the strongest person in all of World Trigger, and his stats certainly confirm this fact.

How strong is Yuma?

He is very strong with his black trigger that he was able to stand for a while head to head with Viza and destroy a trion soldier with two blows. I think Yuma is this strong because 3 reasons: 1) his combat experience, 2) His veratile normal triggers and 3) His balck trigger. I rank his black trigger as an A-rank one.

Who is stronger Jin or Tachikawa?

When asked who is stronger between the two, Shiori guesses probably Tachikawa is stronger. A few years ago, Tachikawa and Jin would rank first and second in battles, respectively. Because of Tachikawa’s proficiency with Kogetsu, Jin worked with engineers to create Scorpion.

Who is the antagonist of World Trigger?

Masamune Kido ( 城 き 戸 と 正 むさ 宗 むね , Kido Masamune ?) is the commander-in-chief of Border, his actions made him the main antagonist of the Black Trigger Capture Arc.

Who has the highest Trion level?

Trion Values. For example, Chika Amatori has a trion value of 38, which is the highest known one in Border.

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