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How strong is Kureishi Mitsuyo?

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How strong is Kureishi Mitsuyo? Power & Abilities. Mitsuyo is a powerful fighter with at least 10 years experience in both Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts. He is also known as a prodigy in the Japanese MMA sphere, being considered one of the top 10 MMA fighters in Japan.

Who becomes Kengan chairman? Nogi Hideki (乃木 英樹, Nogi Hideki; “Hideki Nogi”) is the CEO of Nogi Group and the current chairman of the Kengan Association.

Who is the main villain in Kengan Ashura? Tokita Ohma ( 十 と 鬼 き 蛇 た 王 おう 馬 ま , Tokita Ōma; “Ohma Tokita”), also known as The Asura[note] ( 阿 ア 修 シュ 羅 ラ , Ashura), is a man who loves to fight.

How strong is Narushima Joji? Power & Abilities. Joji is a very powerful Rokushin Kaikan karateka who was once one of the Rokushin Three, the three strongest karateka of the Rokushin Kaikan school. He was the winner of one of one of the Rokushin Kaikan’s open tournaments and reached the final four in the most recent tournament.

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Is Niko Tokita Ohma dad?

Tokita Niko ( 十 と 鬼 き 蛇 た 二 に 虎 こ ; “Niko Tokita”) was Ohma Tokita’s master and adoptive father, and practioner of the Niko Style.

Who is Koga in Kengan Omega?

Koga is a brash, somewhat arrogant young man who has an intense thirst for overwhelming violent power; to that end, he harbors an underlying inferiority complex stemming from his crushing defeat to Tokita Ohma three years prior. Koga is short-tempered and quickly flies off the handle when his buttons are pressed.

Who is GAOH ryuki?

Gaoh Ryuki, known by the epithet of “The Dragon King”, is the eponymous “Omega” of Kengan Asura’s sequel, Kengan Omega. Raised in the Inside and trained in martial arts by his grandfather Gaoh Mukaku, he is sent out into the world to eliminate the members of the secret organization known as “The Worm”.

Who is the last heir of Niko style?

Currently, there are only two known surviving masters of the Niko Style: Tokita Ohma and The Other Tokita Niko.

How tall is Tokita OHMA?

182 85. Kenganverse Wiki:Heights & Weights

NameHeight (cm)Weight (kg)
Shimoda Saji17578
Tokita Ohma18285
Ushiroda Takero17198
Wakatsuki Takeshi193193

Who is the most popular character in Kengan Ashura?

Gaolang Wongsawat. This page covers the two popularity polls for Kengan Ashura that were hosted on the MangaONE app.

Kenganverse Wiki:Popularity Polls.

Character Popularity Results
PlaceCharacter# of Votes
1stGaolang Wongsawat94,176
2ndImai Cosmo33,115
3rdKaneda Suekichi23,711

Who is the mysterious player in Kengan Ashura?

Gaoh Ryuki ( 臥 が 王 おう 龍 りゅう 鬼 き , Gaō Ryūki; “Ryuki Gaoh”), also known as The Dragon King ( 龍 りゅう 王 おう , Ryū-ō), is a mysterious individual who suddenly appeared wanting to enter the Kengan matches.

Who is the fastest in Kengan Ashura?

Mikazuchi Rei is a master of the Raishin Style, and is arguably the fastest fighter in the tournament in both movement and striking speed. In addition to his immense physical speed, Rei has remarkable precision in his attacks.

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