How tall is APH America?

How tall is APH America? 5′ 9.6″. America

America アメリカ
BirthdayJuly 04
Hair ColorBlond
Eye ColorBlue
Height177 cm (5′ 9.6″)

How old is Japan from Hetalia? Though his exact age is unknown and Himaruya listed it as a “secret”, some Japanese fans consider him to be approximately 2,670 years old.

Does Germany like Italy Hetalia? Germany seems to have a crush on Italy, as evidenced by always blushing in personal moments between them and becoming awkward around him. If Germany really was the Holy Roman Empire, it would be certain that he had one, but at that point of time he had believed Italy to be a girl.

How old is Poland Hetalia? Poland

Poland ポーランド
Birthday:July 22, November 11 (Polish edition of manga)
Hair Color:Blond

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How tall is Hetalia HK?

5′ 6.92″. Hong Kong

Hong Kong 香港
Eye ColorBrown
Height170 cm (5′ 6.92″)
Debut Appearances
VolumeHetalia: Axis Powers Volume 2 (profiled) Volume 3 (formal debut)

How old is Hetalia Russia?

*** General Birth years and century is unknown, as we don’t go that far with Russia’s childhood. He’s hinted/said to originally be the Novgorod Republic. So he is most likely Born in the 700-900s. BUT He could be of the two years 1019-1020, and his Family member could of been the first reign.

What gender is China in Hetalia?

China 中国
Birthday:October 1 (original profile), Unknown (newer profiles)
Hair Color:Black (manga), Dark Brown (anime)
Eye Color:Brown

Why is it called Hetalia?

The name Hetalia comes from a portmanteau of two Japanese words. The first is hetare, which is Japanese slang for someone who’s useless, weak-willed, or inept. The second is Itaria, Japanese for “Italy” often romanized as Italia. Together, the combination Hetalia means something along the lines of “useless Italy.”

How tall is Ukraine Hetalia?


Ukraine ウクライナ
BirthdayAugust 24
Hair ColorBlonde (manga), Platinum Blonde (anime)
Eye ColorBlue
Height166 cm (5′ 5.35″)

How tall is Spain Hetalia?

5′ 9.29″

Spain スペイン
Height176 cm (5′ 9.29″)
Debut Appearances
VolumeHetalia: Axis Powers Volume 1
StripMeeting of the world

How tall is Taiwan from Hetalia?

150 cm. Taiwan

Taiwan 台湾
BirthdayOctober 25
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown Black (ID chart)
Height150 cm (4′ 11″) (webcomic) 160 cm (5′ 3″) (Hetalia☆Collezione)
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