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How tall is Ji Woon Hak?

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How tall is Ji Woon Hak? Ji-Woon Hak

The Trickster
Lullaby Radius8-40 metres
Voice ActorTitus Kim (Voice Actor)

Is Feng Min the best Survivor? For Survivors new to Dead by Daylight, Feng Min is a solid choice. She’s quick in evading the Killer and while repairing generators because it won’t blow up when she misses skill checks—which can take some time as a beginner.

What is feng mins first name? To add to this, the achievement Adept Min (if it follows the convention of all the other Adept achievements) indicates her first name is indeed Min.

What race is Feng Min? Chinese. ~ Unknown (Potentially Benedict Baker)

Feng Min
Alt. Name凤敏 (Chinese)
RoleFocused Competitor

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Whats the best perks for Feng Min?

Perk Synergies With Alert. Alert is one of the strongest aura-reading perks while you’re in a chase, and it even tops Object of Obsession because of that perk’s limitations. While using Alert, you can see the killer’s aura for five seconds every time they break a pallet, a generator, or a breakable wall.

What killer comes with Feng Min?

CHAPTER 4: Spark of Madness is the fourth Chapter DLC for Dead by Daylight. This DLC features: A new Killer (The Doctor) A new Survivor (Feng Min)

How long has Feng Min been in the entity’s realm?

A pebble a day keeps The Doctor away. That’s a lot of pebbles, considering he and Feng Min first appeared in the Entity’s Realm four years ago today.

Is feng a Chinese Min?

Born in 1959, in Shanghai, China, Feng grew up in a family of intellectuals (banking family from his mother’s side).

Has anyone escaped the entity DBD?

Out of the countless victims claimed by the Entity, only one ever has managed to truly escape. Many players will have likely seen offerings referencing the unseen character, Vigo, who managed to exploit the one weakness of the Entity and find a way to his freedom.

Who is the youngest person in DBD?

Feng- Quentin is the youngest… so Feng is anywhere between the ages 18 – 20. I hope I could help you out a little! I’m unsure about the others, but Laurie is definitely 17, as she is taken directly from the first Halloween movie based on her appearance.

Who is the tallest survivor in DBD?

Meg, Claudette, Nea and Laurie are the same size. Jake and Dwight are quite a bit bigger then the other four. The Wraith seems to be the tallest.

How old is Feng Min in DBD?

Survivors (when taken by entity) Ace: 55-60 Bill: 63-73 Cheryl: 17 Laurie: 17 Quentin: 17 Nancy: 18 Steve: 19 Nea: 18 Claudette: 19 Meg: 19-20 Jake: 20 Leon: 21 Dwight: 21 Feng: 21 Yui: 21-22 Kate: 20-25 Jill: 23 David: 24 Yunjin: 27 Adam: 26 Zarina: 28 Elodie: 30 Felix: 30 Jane: 32 Jeff: 40 Tapp: 50 Ash: 57-59 Mikaela …

How is Feng Min pronounced?

Lately I’ve been seeing a few people pointing out that Feng’s name is actually supposed to be pronounced as Fung Min, due to it being a Chinese name and the “e” in chinese is pronounced as “u”.

How old is NEA Karlsson?

Nea Karlsson’s rebelious phase is referenced as starting when she was 16. She was dared by her friends to spray paint Crotus Pen which is when she disappeared. If we say she was friends with her gang for about 2 to 3 years we can put Nea at about 19 years old.

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