How tall is Otani lovely complex?

How tall is Otani lovely complex? Ōtani stands at only 156cm or 5’2″ tall and is very lean muscled, being described by Risa as having a manly body despite his short stature.

Who ends up together in Lovely Complex? However, when Risa joins a fan club devoted to Mighty, Otani gets jealous of the attention she’s giving her teacher, and on her birthday the two finally get together. Although Risa fell for Otani first, I’ve always believed Love*Com does a good job of showing that Otani loves Risa just as much as she does him.

Is Otani a tsundere? It’s All About Me: Otani is often arrogant and holds a high opinion of himself. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He acts as a jerk, but he definitely cares for his friends, especially Koizumi… even though most of the times, he has a lot of moments where he is more of a jerk with her, due to his tsundere nature.

What is love complex about? Lovely Complex is about two high school kids, Risa and Otani. They are a comedy duo because whever they’re together they fight, argue, make fun of each other, and cause a scene, which makes bystanders laugh.

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Do Otani and Koizumi get married?

“You don’t need to worry about her Otani-kun,” Suzuki-kun answered after a pause of silence, “She got married two years ago and had a baby boy a few months ago.”

Does Snow White with the red hair have a happy ending?

He helps Shirayuki to get out of Prince Raj’s concubine proposal, and she decides to move to Clarines, where she becomes a court herbalist. Shirayuki and Zen eventually fall in love, despite those who frown upon their relationship because of their difference in social status.

Does Lovely Complex have happy ending?

9/10 Lovely Complex — The Gang Graduated & Moved On To Life’s Next Chapter. After spending most of Lovely Complex bickering platonically and romantically, Risa and Atsushi finally cemented their relationship by the series’ end. The same went for most of their friend group, and they closed out the series by graduating.

Is Ao Haru Ride a sad anime?

Although this anime was sad too in its parts. The reason why Kou had a change of personality when he came back to Futabas school, was the fact his parents divorced and his mother was very sick so she unfortunately passed away.

How did Lovely Complex end?

Koizumi says she is glad to have met Otani and that she loves him. Otani says he does too and is glad that Koizumi is with him. Koizumi adds that from now on, they will always be together.

What should I watch after Lovely Complex?

Love the romance scene’s specically the confessions Both are great anime to watch. If you like Love complex you will love Toradora~~~~ <3. both series involve a relationship between a short person and a taller/normal height person. cute romance.

How tall is Koizumi from lovely complex?

The girl, Risa Koizumi, is 172 centimetres (5 ft 8 in) tall—much taller than the average Japanese girl.

How old is Risa and Otani?

Risa is 6 inches taller than the average height for a female, and 7 inches taller than Ōtani. Risa is also seen older than him, depicted so in the manga, that while she was 18, he was 17 at the time. This also proves that they are not born in the same year, as Otani is born in spring and she is in summer.

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