How tall is todo from JJK?

How tall is todo from JJK? Aoi Todo. Though he is 10 years younger than Satoru, Aoi Todo is the same height at 6’3″ (190.5 cm).

What happened Mai zenin? She was dissatisfied with Maki’s answer and continued to hate her from that point. Mai was forced to put her feelings toward Maki aside when their own father attacked them. With both twins on the edge of death, Mai decided to sacrifice her life to give Maki the tools to live on.

Why does sukuna care about Megumi? Sukuna wants Megumi as his host. There is a small chance that Sukuna can extract cursed techniques. So, he wants the Ten Shadows cursed technique. Using Megumi/his technique, Sukuna can and wants to defeat Gojo.

How tall is Nobuko Takada?

Nobuhiko Takada
Height1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)
DivisionHeavyweight Openweight
StyleShoot wrestling

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What idol does Aoi Todo like?

Nobuko Takada ( 高 たか 田 だ 延 のぶ 子 こ , Takada Nobuko?) better known as Tall Idol Takada-Chan is a popular Japanese idol, Aoi Todo being one of her biggest fans.

Is Takada-Chan a real person?

Junji Takada (高田純次, Takada Junji, born Janu), also known by the nicknames “Jun chan” (純ちゃん), “Uncle Jun” (純じい, Jun jī) and “TJ”, is a Japanese actor and comedian.

Is Yoshino Junpei good?

Junpei Yoshino wasn’t impressively powerful, but his bleak outlook on life motivated him toward acts of pure villainy. If it weren’t for Yuji, Junpei would have had even more blood on his hands before being defeated by Mahito.

What is divergent fist?

Divergent Fist ( 逕 けい 庭 てい 拳 けん , Keitei Ken?) is a punching-based technique utilizing cursed energy manipulation developed by Yuji Itadori.

Is Nobara in love with Maki?

During the same event, both Maki and Nobara’s VAs live dubbed the “I respect you” scene, and later Nobara’s Japanese VA Asami Seto said that she chose this as her favorite scene because it is when she (the actress) fell in love with Maki.

Does Yuta have a crush on Maki?

Volume 0 of the manga hints at the fact that Maki and Yuta are infatuated with each other before hinting at their ongoing relationship again in Chapter 144.

Is Takada a surname?

Takada (written: 高田 lit. “high ricefield”) is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include: Junji Takada, Japanese comedian. Masafumi Takada (高田 雅史, born 1970), Japanese video game music composer.

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