How tall is Ukraine Hetalia?

How tall is Ukraine Hetalia? Ukraine

Ukraine ウクライナ
Birthday:August 24
Hair Color:Blonde (manga), Platinum Blonde (anime)
Eye Color:Blue
Height:166cm (5’5″)

How old is Hetalia ancient Greece? Greece

Greece ギリシャ
BirthdayOctober 28 (original profile), February 3 (Volume 2 profile), March 25 (date of independence)
Hair ColorBrown

How old is Hetalia Japan? Though his exact age is unknown and Himaruya listed it as a “secret”, some Japanese fans consider him to be approximately 2,670 years old.

Are Canada and America related Hetalia? America/Canada is a popular incestuous pairing involving the characters of America and Canada. The pairing is sometimes called AmeriCan or AmeCan, taken from the first few letters of their nation names (America and Canada).

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How tall is APH England?


England イギリス
Eye Color:Green
Height:175 cm (5′ 9″)
First Appearance (volume):Volume 1
First Appearance (strip):Hetalia: Prologue

How tall is APH America?

5′ 9.6″. America

America アメリカ
BirthdayJuly 04
Hair ColorBlond
Eye ColorBlue
Height177 cm (5′ 9.6″)

What is Denmark’s name Hetalia?

2P Denmark is a fan interpretation of the Hetalia webcomic/anime character of “Another Color”. His appearance and personality is rather inconsistent, but he is one of the few Hetalia characters that has development outside of being based of Nyotalia. He received the human name Mikkel or Magnus Køhler.

What is America’s real name Hetalia?

United States of America or simply UwUmerica, is one of the main supporting characters of the Hetalia series. His human name is Alfredo F. Jones.

Does Germany like Italy Hetalia?

Germany seems to have a crush on Italy, as evidenced by always blushing in personal moments between them and becoming awkward around him. If Germany really was the Holy Roman Empire, it would be certain that he had one, but at that point of time he had believed Italy to be a girl.

How old is Hetalia NZ?

New Zealand

New Zealand/Aotearoa
Human nameKaelin Kirkland
BirthdayFebruary 6
Height5 feet 6 inches

Is Canada older than America Hetalia?

In modern times, the two of them are shown to be about the same height (sometimes Canada is drawn shorter, but not by much), which means that Canada eventually grew up, but one can’t forget that he was definitely younger than America for several years.

How tall is Spain Hetalia?

Spain スペイン
Height176 cm (5′ 9.29″)
Debut Appearances
VolumeHetalia: Axis Powers Volume 1
StripMeeting of the world

How old is Poland Hetalia?


Poland ポーランド
Birthday:July 22, November 11 (Polish edition of manga)
Hair Color:Blond
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