How tall is Utena?

How tall is Utena? The character heights are not official except for Utena. The rest of the cast has been measured in comparison to her 165cm on this chart.

Who is Dios in Utena? Dios (ディオス). The enigmatic prince from Utena’s childhood. Dios’s name, which means “God” in Spanish, as well as his presentation in the anime, suggest that he is to be considered Utena’s guardian angel. During most of the duels, it is shown that his spirit enters Utena’s body and aids her.

Are Dios and Akio the same? In the anime, Akio was a prince named Dios in his previous life, and it is in this guise that he meets with Utena, inspiring her to become a prince. He conspires to regain his power by taking Utena’s sword, exploiting Anthy as a wedge through their incestuous and power-driven relationship.

What pronouns does Utena use? One of the most strikingly gendered features of Utena’s speech is her use of the personal pronoun 僕 (ぼく), which is traditionally used by males. However, it is important to note that Utena’s use of a male pronoun does not indicate that she identifies as male.

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Why did Dios become Akio?

In the prince story, Dios tells Utena to preserve her nobility—and when Dios loses his nobility he also loses his name and becomes Akio.

Why is Anthy the rose bride?

Akio explains that he and Dios were once two parts of one god-like being. Dios was the side of light, and Akio was the side of darkness. Akio overthrew Dios, but Anthy protected Dios by sealing him within the castle, causing her to become the Rose Bride.

Why did Anthy stab Utena?

The short answer to why Anthy stabs Utena is she does so out of fear of change. More detailed answer is this; Anthy stabbing Utena was not really due to loyalty/servitude to Akio (though that could be a factor) but it was because Utena was giving Anthy something really scary to her, hope and change.

Why is Utena a car?

Utena thanks Touga for being her “prince”, and he vanishes. Utena finds Anthy and tells her they should go “to the outside world,” upon which Utena is swallowed by a car wash and metamorphosed into a car.

Is Akio the prince?

The Akio Ohtori Saga has Akio persuading the Student Council members to again duel with Utena; and again they lose. In The Apocalypse Saga we discover Akio is Utena’s Prince.

How old is Utena?

The protagonist and namesake of the series, Utena Tenjou is a 14-year-old girl whose parents died when she was little. After a dashing prince saved her from depression, she vowed to become a prince herself.

Are Utena and anthy canon?

Anthy/Utena is the central relationship in the medium-crossing series Revolutionary Girl Utena. The nature of the relationship as platonic or romantic is still strongly contested in some fandom circles, though in other circles, they are considered unambiguously canonically romantic.

Why does Akio abuse Anthy?

Akio Ohtori. Later in the anime, it is revealed that Anthy’s selfless love for her brother has been exploited by him in order to keep himself in power. The two are in a incestuous relationship, forced onto Anthy by Akio. Anthy’s feelings for him cycle between resentment and sisterly love, as she struggles to break free.

What was Akios goal?

Akio’s actions show that he wants to return to the “world of light” and that he cannot reconcile the light and darkness within him.

Does Revolutionary Girl Utena have a happy ending?

The scene where Utena says “I guess I couldn’t be a prince anyway” was pretty heartbreaking, and I’m glad it didn’t go the easy route and have Utena get a happy ending. I’m 26 right now, and I reflect back on my childhood and adolescent years a lot lately.

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