How tall is Xie Lian?

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NameXie Lian: His Highness Who Pleased the Gods Ver.
SeriesHeaven Official’s Blessing
Product TypeBonus Included
SpecificationsPainted 1/7th scale ABS&PVC complete product with stand included. Approximately 355mm in height.

Does Hua Cheng get jealous? As a result, Hua Cheng tends to have a childish jealousy towards his own weapon, often pushing it to the side, so he can regain Xie Lian’s undivided attention and affection.

Where is Hualian from? Hualien City (pinyin: Huālián Shì; Wade-Giles: Hua¹-lien² Shih⁴; Hokkien POJ: Hoa-lian-chhī or Hoa-liân-chhī) is a county-administered city and the county seat of Hualien County, Taiwan. It is located on the east coast of Taiwan on the Pacific Ocean, and has a population of 106,368 inhabitants.

Is Xie Lian married to Hua Cheng? Summary: An extension to the end of Chapter 243, as Hua Cheng returns to Xie Lian, the two are married, and Xie Lian leaves his ascetic form of cultivation behind.

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What is Hua Cheng’s real name?

Hua Cheng (花城, Huā Chéng), also referred to as San Lang (三郎, Sān Láng), is the deuteragonist and main love interest in Heaven Official’s Blessing. He’s a ghost of Supreme rank and the most notorious of the Four Great Calamities, widely known as Crimson Rain Sought Flower (血雨探花, Xuè Yǔ Tàn Huā).

Why did Hua Cheng gave Xie Lian a ring?

Instead of the defenseless boy he was before, Hua Cheng is now strong enough to protect Xie Lian. Still, we don’t quite know the significance of the ring or why Hua Cheng left it without giving it to him directly, but it symbolizes a big step in Hua Cheng and Xie Lian’s romantic relationship.

Do Hua Cheng and Xie Lian kiss?

But Hua Cheng insisted a lot to get that kiss, Xie Lian almost seemed reluctant. Every kiss in the novel were real, not none came just from Xie Lian pure desire. There was always another reason to make him kiss Hua Cheng.

Why does Xie Lian wear bandages?

Xie Lian: Xie Lian wears two shackles due to his repeated banishment. He wears one around his neck and one around his right ankle. Besides sealing spiritual powers, the shackle around his neck grants him immortality and the one on his ankle seals away all his good luck.

How long did Hua Cheng wait for Xie Lian?

During the 800 years between his death and Xie Lian’s third ascension, Hua Cheng scoured the land to look for Xie Lian while establishing his power. He then created the Ghost City and became its ruler.

What does Hualian mean?

More. Hualian is the slash ship between Hua Cheng and Xie Lian from the Heaven Official’s Blessing fandom.

Who is the White calamity?

White No-Face (白无相, Bái Wúxiàng), titled as the White-Clothed Calamity (白衣祸世, Bái Yīhuò Shì), is the eldest and most powerful of the Four Great Calamities. Centuries ago, he had great influence in the fall of the Xianle kingdom.

Who is the new emperor of TGCF?

Audio Drama. Jun Wu (君吾, Jūn Wú) is the Heavenly Emperor who presides over the Heavenly realm, as well as the oldest and most powerful Martial God.

What does Hua Cheng smell like?

you all say that Hua Cheng smells very tasty, something floral. I have a different way, depending on how. When he holds Xie Lian in his arms, it seems to me that he smells of something burnt, metal, citrus, but not sour. And when he sits in the guise of San Lana, it seems to me that he smells like sandalwood.

Why did Xie Lian fall in love with Hua Cheng?

when did xie lian fall in love with hua cheng and why? To put it simply, it’s because Hua Cheng reminds Xie Lian that he is a person first and foremost. And because he is a person, he has value and he matters.

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