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In which episode Misaki confess to Usui?

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In which episode Misaki confess to Usui? That’s Cunning of You Ayuzawa, Usui You Idiot is the 26th and final episode of Kaichou wa Maid-sama!. It first aired on Septem.

Do Takumi and Misaki get together in the anime? Finally, in chapter 85, 10 years after Takumi and Misaki graduate, they get married. At this point, Takumi is a famous doctor in England working for the walker family, and Misaki is a world -enowned diplomat. After their marriage, they escape on a honeymoon back home, and meet up with their friends.

Who does Misaki end up with? In chapter 81, Misaki and Usui get engaged, and in chapter 85, Misaki becomes a diplomat/lawyer while Usui becomes a respected doctor and they get married.

What is Usui Takumi secret? Usui is actually a put-on name to help him blend in with his Japanese classmates once he moves to Japan. But Takumi is actually a part of a large noble family in Britain. His last name is actually Walker, the name of his father. Because he is an illegitimate son, however, he doesn’t use the name.

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Did Misaki and Usui break up?

While Misaki and Usui don’t get married in the anime series, they do eventually get married in the manga. That happens after they get engaged in Chapter 81. Chapter 85 takes place 10 years later and, by that point, Misaki is a diplomat and Usui is a doctor and, yes, they are married to each other.

Who did Takumi love?

Takumi Ichinose is one of the central male characters in the anime, manga, and live action films NANA. He’s formally the lover of Reira, growing up with her, and is the current abusive love interest and wife of Nana Komatsu.

Who is Misaki love interest?

Takumi Usui (碓氷 拓海, Usui Takumi) is the main male protagonist of the Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! Manga and anime series. He is amazingly talented at everything and he is the love interest of Misaki Ayuzawa, which then later Misaki becomes his wife as shown in chapter 85.

Who married Misaki?

She continues to be with Yukari as his fiancee by accepting his marriage proposal in the Misaki Route. Later, they get married (which now makes her Misaki Nejima) and have 1 child together.

Is Misaki a villain?

Misaki Shokouhou is an anti-hero in the anime series A Certain Scientific Railgun serving as an antagonist of the series until the A Certain Scientific Railgun T where she serves as the deuteragonist of the season. She is the fifth ranked of the seven level 5s.

Does Misaki confess to Usui?

With Kuuga’s words on her mind, Misaki confesses to Usui that she wants to be with him even though she does not understand her feelings. They share a kiss during the display of fireworks. After he confesses his love for her, they leave the classroom while holding hands.

Is Usui Takumi an alien?

To Misaki, Takumi is a “Perverted Outer Space Alien”, but this is later used as an expression of endearment rather than an insult. She is very dear to him and he will do anything to protect her. Because of this, he swore never to tell anyone about her secret as a maid.

Does Maid-Sama end?

Definitely Towards a Happy Future! is the 85th and also the final chapter of Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! Manga.

What happens to Misaki?

As a result, Mei was completely devastated by Misaki’s death by leukemia (brought upon by the Curse), to the point that she initially didn’t want to accept she was gone and even fulfilled her promise to give her a doll she wanted for her birthday.

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