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Is Accelerator a Level 6 esper?

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Is Accelerator a Level 6 esper? According to Tree Diagram, only Accelerator can achieve Level 6. As such, it was later calculated that Accelerator can achieve Level 6 if he kills clones of Misaka Mikoto, known as Sisters, 20,000 times in battle.

What episode does accelerator fight railgun? “Accelerator” ( 一方通行 アクセラレータ , Ippō Tsūkō (Akuserarēta)?, lit. “One-Way Road”) is the thirteenth episode of the second season of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime series and the 37th episode of the series overall. It was first broadcasted on July 5th, 2013.

Does Touma appear in railgun? Touma makes a brief appearance where he is seen buying drinks for him and Misaka since the lines are long. He is introduced to Shokuhou Misaki, the number 5, who apparently knows who he is, and asks if they really are classmates. They later agree on Mikoto’s tendency to release electricity upon them, infuriating her.

Who is the MC in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S? Misaka Mikoto (御坂 美琴, Misaka Mikoto?) (born May 2) is one of the main heroines in Toaru Majutsu no Index and the main protagonist of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.

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Who is Touma in love with?

However, Touma stated that he specifically prefers Dorm manager Onee-san (elder sister) types, as is the case with Kanzaki Kaori when he dreamed her wearing the swimsuit used by Index during the Angel Fall incident, and asking a kiss from Oriana Thomson when they first met.

Is Touma a level 5?

The real life exams measure things like height and weight, but the System Scan tests measure student’s esper abilities and these tests have always shown that Toma is only a level 0 esper. The series also tries to portray Toma’s encounters against powerful level 5 espers as a David versus Goliath situation.

Is Misaka a level 6?

The Level 6 Shift attempt on Misaka Mikoto was an attempt to induce a Level 6 Shift on the third-ranked Level 5 esper Misaka Mikoto into a Level 6 by Kihara Gensei. It failed after the destruction of Shokuhou Misaki’s Exterior, through the combined efforts of her, Shirai Kuroko, Kamijou Touma, and Sogiita Gunha.

Is accelerator a villain?

Accelerator is an antagonist-turned-anti-hero in the A Certain Magical Index franchise and one of the main protagonists of the series.

Who is the villain in Toaru?

Princess Villian (ヴィリアン, Virian?, Yen Press: Vilian) is a character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. She is the third and youngest daughter of Queen Regnant Elizard.

Who defeats Accelerator?

Touma defeats Accelerator. Accelerator is later seen in another fight against Misaka 10032, where he tells her that he wants to gain a status that is beyond simply being the strongest in Academy City – he wants to attain Level 6, so that challenging him would be an unimaginable thought- even a sin.

Is Accelerator the strongest esper?

Accelerator ( 一方通行 アクセラレータ , Ippō Tsūkō (Akuserarēta)?, lit. “One-Way Road”) is the ability that is exclusively used by Academy City’s first ranked Level 5 and strongest esper, which is also his namesake, the Accelerator.

Who is Mikoto Misaka boyfriend?

Mikoto had a crush on Touma for a long time but only realized that she had fallen in love with him near the end of the Acqua of the Back Arc.

Is Kamijou Touma a God?

Touma is the son of Kamijou Touya and Kamijou Shiina, who live outside of Academy City. During his childhood, he was often seen as a jinx because of the misfortune that his right hand creates and he was called “god of pestilence” by people around him.

In what order should I watch Toaru Kagaku?

Toaru Majutsu no Index. Toaru Majutsu no Index II. Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S.

Persons who enjoy Railgun but not Index might wish to watch in the following order:

  • Index season 1 (episodes 1-9, i.e. to the end of the Deep Blood arc)
  • Railgun season 1 (all episodes)
  • Railgun season 2 (all episodes)
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