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Is Ai Ohto dead?

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Is Ai Ohto dead? She is from a parallel world where she did not meet Koito, thus in her committing suicide by drowning herself in the pool.

Does Wonder Egg Priority end well?

Is it worth it to watch Wonder Egg Priority? I really liked Wonder Egg Priority. The animation is clean, the premise is unique in a very good way and the characters were likeable while having some awesome designs. Unfortunately in the last 2 or 3 episodes way too many new elements get introduced that kinda neglect what the show actually was about.

Who is the albino girl in Wonder Egg Priority? Kotobuki is a white-haired girl with a pink right eye and a blue left one. As Ai does, she also has heterochromia, which explains her eyes’ different colors. She is also affected by albinism, causing her hair to be white and her skin to be quite pale.

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Who is Kotobuki?

The Kotobuki is a Japanese Chimera that has the parts of the creatures of the animals on the Chinese zodiac where it sports the head of a rat, the ears of a rabbit, the horns of an ox, the comb of a rooster, the beard of a goat, the neck of a dragon, the mane of a horse, the shoulders of a tiger, the arms of a monkey, …

What did Mr Sawaki do to Koito?

Sawaki’s explanation of what happened: Koito was in love with a different professor who committed suicide. After the incident, she went to the edge of her school rooftop saying she would jump. Mr. Sawaki tried to save her, but she kept shouting that he raped her, before killing herself.

Why is Wonder Egg Priority r18?

Trigger warnings include suicide, self-harm, pedophilia, child abuse, and sexual assault. Entering Wonder Egg, I had no expectations.

Who is Neiru’s sister?

Airu is Neiru’s identical sister, and is who Neiru is trying to bring back to life by fighting in the Egg World. Before Airu commits suicide, she stabs Neiru in the back, leaving her with a scar. After she is brought back to life, she acts as Neiru when she is missing.

Is Momo in Wonder Egg Priority?

Momoe Sawaki (沢木 桃恵, Sawaki Momoe?) is one of the main characters in Wonder Egg Priority. She has a very distinct beauty mark and slim figure. She is often mistaken for a boy, and is popular among girls. Momoe is the niece of Shuichiro Sawaki.

How old is Kotobuki?

Basically we watch 17 year old Ran Kotobuki (main character) living life as head of all Shibuya’s turf.

Is Neiru a robot?

The two girls never knew their parents. In fact, in the special episode, Neiru is revealed to be an AI made from her sister’s personnality as a base, by Kotobuki, who worked in Japan Plati as a scientist and a doctor.

What happened Rika Kawai?

Rika seems to struggle with mental health, and self-harmed up until quite recently, though she states that she has stopped now. She still fights with her suicidal intents, trying to live despite what happened.

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