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Is Banana Fish the saddest anime?

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Is Banana Fish the saddest anime? Banana Fish tackles some pretty heavy topics with gut-wrenching moments, making it one of the saddest animes to watch.

What did Garvey do to ash? Garvey and his boys rape Ash not long after his arrival, but he seems in no hurry to actually kill him, and Ash is a survivor if nothing else. He’s got something to live for on the outside, all the more so after he and Max realize their shared connection through Griffin.

How does Banana Fish end? Ultimately, Golzine is killed in a climactic battle, his government co-conspirators are exposed as participants in his child sex trafficking ring, and all evidence of the banana fish project is destroyed. Ash comes to recognize the danger he exposes Eiji to, and reluctantly ceases all contact with him.

What happens in Volume 19 Banana Fish? Volume 19 of BANANA FISH contains the conclusion of Banana Fish with Ash reading a letter from Eiji, Ash’s fate as Eiji leaves for Japan, Angel Eyes, the story of how Ash met Shorter and the Garden of Light epilogue set 7 years from the conclusion of Banana Fish.

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Who did Eiji end up with?

Akira Ibe. He first meets Shunichi Ibe’s niece, Akira, in Garden of Light. They become friends, despite an age difference of ten years, and Sing remarks to Eiji that he thinks she’s “a sweet kid”. Five years later in New York Sense, their wedding pictures are shown, signifying they have married.

Is Skipper a female Banana Fish?

Skipper is a young boy and a member of Ash’s Gang. He looked after Griffin and introduced Eiji to Ash in Banana Fish.

Why was Max in jail Banana Fish?

10 years or so later, Max was sent to prison for assulting a police officer. Here he met Ash. Max was asked by his police friends to protect Ash since they cared about his wellbeing in jail as there were many older men and thugs; including some of Dino Golzine’s men who’d most likely want to hurt Ash and gang rape him.

Why is it called Banana Fish?

What was at first believed to be a code name for a person, Banana Fish was later found out to be a drug in reality. Dino Golzine shared that it’s true purpose was to serve as a poison for assassinations. This was done indirectly as Banana Fish was more akin to a mind control drug.

Who killed Dino Golzine?

Eiji Okumura. Coming into contact with him, Golzine has Eiji tied naked to a bed as part of his plan to psychologically damage Ash. Later, Golzine is shot in the shoulder by Eiji when he comes to rescue Ash.

What year is Banana Fish set in?

1973, Vietnam – an American soldier goes mad and guns down his buddies. Since then, the only words he has uttered are “Banana Fish”… Nowadays, in New York City, police investigate a series of puzzling suicides and a dying man gives a charismatic young gang leader named Ash Lynx a vial of a mysterious substance.

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Table of Contents