Is Basara a God?

Is Basara a God? Basara Toujou (東城 刃更 Tōjō Basara) is the main male protagonist of the series.

Basara Toujou
RaceHuman (Hero/Demon/God) Hybrid
OccupationHero Former Student Student Council
AffiliationHero Clan (Exiled) Toujou Family Hijirigasaka Academy (SecondYear Student) Moderate Faction
First Appearance

Is Basara a boy? The protagonist, a 15-year-old girl who takes the name of her murdered twin brother Tatara, who was known as the child of fate. As Tatara, she wields the sword of Byakko and leads the survivors of Byakko Village. Even among her allies few people know she is a girl.

Does Mio love shun? As Shun and Mio grow closer, Mio confesses that he is moving to the city, but promises to keep in contact once there. Three years later, Mio suddenly moves back and confesses he is in love with Shun, but Shun is overcome with guilt from depriving him of a “normal” life.

Does Basara get Mio pregnant? At the end of the series, she marries Basara along with the rest of his harem and she becomes pregnant with Basara’s child.

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Will Basara marry Mio?

Mio along with the other girls in the harem are currently engaged to Basara with their wedding quickly approaching in a matter of weeks. At the end of the volume, Basara surprises Mio with a wedding ring, and reaffirms to her his commitment to protecting her, the rest of his wives, and everything they hold dear.

What episode does Mio and Basara kiss?

“For This Night, This Moment” (この夜、このときのために Kono Yoru, Kono Toki no Tame ni) is the twelfth episode of the Shinmai Maou no Testament anime series.

Who is Basara Toujou wife?

Jin Toujou
Relative(s)Sapphire (Wife) Raphaeline (Wife) Basara Toujou (Son) Shiba Kyouichi (Clone) Unborn Grandchildren (+8)
Professional Status
RaceHuman (Hero reinforced by dragon blood)
OccupationHero (Former) Freelance Photographer

Who is the nurse to Basara?

Chisato Hasegawa is the school nurse of Hijirigasaka Academy and a magic user and acts as Basara’s mentor. She is one of the main characters of the series. She was voiced by Yuu Asakawa in the Japanese version, and by Wendee Lee in the English version.

Who does Mio end up with?

In the most recent Chapters, it is further confirmed by her interactions. In Chapters 106-107, Mio confessed her affections to Aoyama, but he rejected Mio as he instead has devoted himself to Moka Gotou instead, despite his germaphobia being a strain on the relationship.

Does Basara have two mothers?

Due to Basara’s unique heritage, as a result of being the son of Jin Toujou, the strongest Hero who had drunk the dragon blood of Fafnir, his biological mother; Sapphire, a Demon Lord-Class Demoness and the previous Demon Lord’s little sister, and his surrogate/biological mother, Raphaeline, one of the Ten Gods.

Who is Basara sister?

History. Basara is the biological son of the “God of War”, Jin Toujou and the sister of the previous Demon Lord, Sapphire conceived after she and Raphaeline rescued Jin from the dimensional domain of Fafnir.

Who is Basara mother Sapphire?

Sapphire is the younger sister of the previous Demon Lord, Wilbert thus making her the aunt of Mio and Maria Naruse, as well as the biological mother of Basara Toujou.

Do Arata and Mio get together?

Mio, accepting her fate, firmly resolves to return to the human realm, finally remembering her “desire” to tell Arata her love for him. She successfully returns to the human realm and reunites with Arata.

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