Is Boneworks 2 coming out?

Is Boneworks 2 coming out? Bonelab, the Follow-Up to Boneworks, Reveals Gameplay & Extremely Close Release Date. Stress Level Zero has dropped a lengthy release date trailer for Bonelab, which will launch on Thursday, Septem for SteamVR and Meta Quest 2. Yes, that means the follow-up to hit VR title Boneworks is less than a week away …

Is Boneworks Quest 2? Boneworks Oculus Quest 2 Release Date. The game developer, Stress Level Zero, is working hard on Bonelab, which will be compatible with Quest 2.

What is a Nullbody? Nullbodies (also known as Nullmen, Null Entities or simply the Null) are humanoid enemies found commonly throughout BONEWORKS. Created by the Voidmind AI as non-sentient workers, they have recently been given sentience and have become hostile.

What engine is BONEWORKS made in? BONELAB (originally announced as Project 4) is an experimental, physics-based virtual reality game developed and published by Stress Level Zero. It was developed using the Unity engine as well as the in-house 1Marrow Interaction Engine, and supports SteamVR, Oculus Desktop VR, and Meta Quest 2.

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What is BONEWORKS real name?

Brett Driver is featured as the voice actor and character model for the main character in the video game Boneworks (2019) as Arthur Ford.

What are the orange guys in BONEWORKS called?

The Nullrat is made of only two orange collision spheres, with the smaller head having two bulging black eyes.

What happened to Arthur Ford BONEWORKS?

During the events of BONEWORKS, he instigates a virus into the simulated reality of MythOS, causing a breach into the Voidway. Ford battled his way through MythOS and eventually reached the breach, where he managed to disconnect his consciousness from his physical body and become immortal in the Voidway.


Moderate violence throughout. The player uses guns to shoot A.I enemies, and animated blood does splatter from their bodies upon death.

What are the balls in BONEWORKS?

Gachapons are pill-shaped objects that can be holstered and reclaimed in Reclamation Bins. They serve as reclaimable tokens for reclaimable objects which are unable to be holstered, such as Gym Shapes or NPCs.

How many copies did BONEWORKS sell?

Boneworks’ First Week Sales Milestone. Now Boneworks, the action-physics adventure from veteran VR developer Stress Level Zero reached an impressive milestone for an indie VR release, selling more than 100K units in its first week, the studio confirmed.

Whats the story behind BONEWORKS?

In Boneworks, players take the role of Arthur Ford, a rogue cybersecurity director who escapes into an unfinished simulated universe, battling through surreal architecture and mysterious scenes with a variety of experimental physics-based weaponry.

How long is BONEWORKS story?

Main Story8310h 38m
Main + Extras4315h 37m
Completionist524h 27m
All PlayStyles13112h 47m

How do you unlock Crablets in BONEWORKS?

The Crablet Capsule is located at the end of the Warehouse level, above the train.

  • Progress to the end of Warehouse. Bring a ranged weapon, preferably a rifle of some kind.
  • Shoot down the Bonebox and locate the capsule. …
  • The Reclamation Bin is located at the far side of the train station platform, hidden behind crates.
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