Is Death Note drama worth watching?

Is Death Note drama worth watching? Simply Phenomenal! Despite the fact that I haven’t read the manga, I can say that Death Note is one of the best anime I’ve ever seen. The story & characters amazing and complex. It’s a classic cat & mouse game between the hero and the villain on who try to find out about the others’ identity.

Is Death Note worth watching? Yes, 100%. If you’re looking for an interesting anime to watch, Death Note would be the first on my recommendations list. The characters are AMAZING. There aren’t too many background characters and almost every single character isn’t exactly good or bad.

How old is the guy in Koikimo? A 27 year old womanizer salaryman who falls in love with Ichika after receiving a cold reply from her when offering his own body as gratitude for saving him.

Who really is Chateau Noble? Chateau was then adopted into the Dankworth family, and notably, official records show that no one named “Chateau Noble” ever existed. Despite that, the Dankworths kept using that name, evidently to help distance their foster daughter from her old life.

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Does Love of Kill have romance?

Love Of Kill, or Koroshi Ai as it is known in original Japanese, is an action and romance anime that’s airing as part of the Winter Anime 2022 season. It is an adaptation of a Manga of the same name written by author Fe and is being adapted for the medium by the studio Platinum Vision.

What is the plot of Love of Kill?

Two assassins are romantically drawn to each other, even though their profession makes them rivals and targets to each other. Two assassins are romantically drawn to each other, even though their profession makes them rivals and targets to each other.

How old is Takeo?

Takeo Gouda

Gouda Takeo
Heightapprox. 200 cm (6´7″)
Weightapprox. 120 kg (264 lbs)
Hair ColorBlack

What is the relationship between song Ryang Ha and Chateau?

Love of Kill has not yet revealed the real name or origins of Chateau’s yandere lover, but it is clear that “Ryang-Ha Song” is simply an identity that he stole, including all the paperwork.

Is Ryang-Ha Song Korean?

The real Song Ryang-ha is a Korean student and apprentice of Donald Bachman. He was ordered to escort Chateau to safety, but on the way, he took in the current Song Ryang-ha to save him from child trafficking. After Chateau accidentally kills him, the current Song Ryang-ha adopts his name.

How old is Ryang-Ha Love of Kill?

Ryang-ha Song (ソン・リャンハ, Son Ryanha) is a 32 year old assassin whose affiliation and true identity are unknown.

Is Koroshi AI worth watching?

Even as a straight guy, I can say that Koroshi Ai is an interesting Josei work that you just don’t hear quite a lot. Sadly with the somewhat subpar anime adaptation, and with a work like this that demands your fullest attention (because if you blink, you’ll miss it), some will love it, others will hate it.

What should I watch after Death Note?

13 Anime To Watch If You Enjoyed Death Note

  • 13/13 Code Geass.
  • 12/13 Death Parade.
  • 11/13 Kaiji.
  • 10/13 Monster.
  • 9/13 The Future Diary.
  • 8/13 Ghost In The Shell.
  • 7/13 Steins; Gate.
  • 6/13 Parasyte – The Maxim –

Does Yukika sing in Japanese or Korean?

Yukika Teramoto (寺本 來可, Teramoto Yukika, born February 16, 1993), also known mononymously as Yukika (Korean: 유키카; Japanese: ユキカ), is a Japanese singer and actress based in South Korea. She is also a former model and voice actress.

Yukika Teramoto

Who is Chateau noble Love of Kill?

Chateau Noble is the heroine of Love of Kill, a seinen-style shojo story where car chases and guns take the place of high school shenanigans and magical girls like Cardcaptor Sakura’s young heroine.

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