Is Dr Xeno evil?

Is Dr Xeno evil? Xeno profess himself to be a villain and a science user of darkness while Senku is the science user of light that are both necessary for this journey. Xeno helps the Kingdom of Science and their allies by helping them create an engine for the rocket-ship that they will use to travel to the Moon.

Who is the traitor in Dr. Stone? Gen Asagiri (あさぎりゲン, Asagiri Gen) is an enemy-turned-ally of Senku. Originally de-petrified by Tsukasa Shishio, he was sent to find Senku, only to defect to the Kingdom of Science.

Does Hyoga betray Tsukasa? After the Stone Wars to claim the Miracle Cave ends in a truce, in exchange for reviving Mirai, Hyoga betrays Tsukasa by stabbing him in his lungs, with Senku following soon after.

Why does Hyoga cover his face? He wears bird feathers around his neck, tan gloves, and a black mask covering his nose and mouth because of his terrible de-petrification scar.

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Who are Senku’s allies?


  • Taiju Oki. Senku and Taiju. …
  • Yuzuriha Ogawa. Senku and Yuzuriha. …
  • Kohaku. Senku and Kohaku. …
  • Chrome. Senku and Chrome. …
  • Gen Asagiri. Senku and Gen. …
  • Suika. Senku and Suika. …
  • Kaseki. Senku constantly works with Kaseki in restoring science and making weapons and materials. …
  • Ryusui Nanami. Ryusui and Senku.

Will Hyoga join Senku?

During the voyage to America, Senku revives Hyoga to train those in weapons while having Tsukasa monitor him. Hyoga agrees to join but on two conditions: reviving Mozu and Homura to take part in training.

Who did Hyoga revive?

this parallels kohaku’s speech to hyoga, back in stone wars, where she tells him that every tiny contribution matters! these moments were too cute in the first, kohaku’s knowing smile shows that she already knew what hyoga’s one condition was (reviving homura and mozu).

Does Tsukasa become good again?

Since his second revival, Tsukasa has mellowed out. Now loyal to the Kingdom of Science. Tsukasa forgives his former faction for turning on him.

Does Senku meet Rei?

Senku Ishigami. The relationship between the two is unclear as the two are not shown to directly interact with each other.

Does homura like Hyoga?

Homura possesses a strong loyalty towards Hyoga to whom she has been implied to have romantic feelings for. She will complete her task regardless of how arduous it is, such as watching over the Ishigami Village by herself.

Who was behind the petrification in Dr. Stone?

Senku’s initial theories about the petrification. Senku initially had three theories about what caused the petrification: Aliens with advanced technology. A country trying to develop a weapon, which backfired.

Who is the main villain in Dr. Stone?

Tsukasa Shishio (in Japanese: 獅子王司, Shishiō Tsukasa) is a major antagonist in the Dr. Stone series, serving as the main antagonist of the Stone Wars Saga.

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