Is Elder tales a real game?

Is Elder tales a real game? Elder Tale (エルダー・テイル, also spelled Elder Tales) is a fictional massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that is the setting of the Log Horizon series.

Why is Nureha obsessed with Shiroe? Nureha has an obsession with Shiroe, which was born when he complimented her for her talents in the game. Shiroe, however, has no memory of ever doing such a thing, and knows her only as the “Ruler of the West” and the leader of Plant Hwyaden.

Does Shiroe love Minori? Minori soon develops feelings for Shiroe but doesn’t become aware of them until she sees Akatsuki act affectionately with him during the Libra Festival (according to Touya, everyone else was able to see her feelings long before she figured them out).

Who are the members of debauchery Tea Party? Navigation

Debauchery Tea Party
MembersAihie • Calm.H.Dale • Gingami • Gorouhachirou • Hayato • Indicus • KR • Kazuhiko • Naotsugu • Nazuna • Nurukan • Nyanta • RamMutton • Shiroe • Soujiro Seta • Stallbourne • Suikazura • Saki • Suzuna • Taigamaru • Tsukine • Tuli • Whistler • Yomi • Yuko • ★Kurama☆

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Who does Krusty end up with?

Christy eventually marries the physician. Catherine Marshall, the widow of Dr. Peter Marshall when she wrote the book, has been quoted as saying the book was about 75% historical.

Who is the traitor in Log Horizon?

Shiroe is known as the Villain in Glasses in the series. He has earned this name because he has no fear of using whatever he has to to get what he wants. Shiroe is usually trying to get something that will benefit everyone, but this doesn’t help the perception.

How many members does Log Horizon have?

There will be a total of 12 members in Log Horizon—one for each class (in the Yamato server). As of volume 13, eleven of the twelve classes have been accounted for. The guild members are effectively divided into two parts; senior members and junior members.

Who are the Izumo Knights?

The Knights of Izumo was a faction comprised of Ancients, immensely powerful People of the Earth. It was said to have been founded by the Mofur sisters, Lelia and Litka, who were set to be Level 65 at a time when the Adventurer level cap was 50.

Is Log Horizon done?

It began serialization on J, ended on Ma, and was published by Fujimi Shobo in the Age Premium magazine.

Is Tetra a boy Log Horizon?

Japanese. Tetora, also spelled Tetra, is a Human Cleric-Idol who was trapped in the world of Theldesia after the Catastrophe struck. As a result, she found herself in her female avatar despite being a man in real life. However, unlike Akatsuki, she is comfortable with her body and even seems to prefer it the way it is.

What happened to Krusty in Log Horizon?

He went abroad to study at Yale University under his grandfather’s blessings, but lived an extravagant and hedonistic lifestyle there. After graduating, he returned to Japan and now lives alone in an apartment.

Does Shiroe meet Roe2?

The teaser for volume 16 revealed at the Re:Fraction exhibit has Roe2 and Shiroe finally meet in what seems to be his office, with Roe2 telling Shiroe she wants to “compare answers” with him.

What level is Shiroe?

Shiroe is an Enchanter from the anime and light novel series Log Horizon. He is level 90 at the beginning of the series, and progresses in level throughout. His abilities remain the same throughout the story.

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