Is Eren hero or villain?

Is Eren hero or villain? On one hand, Eren fights for the true freedom of his people, but on the other, he believes his bloody methods justify his cause. This dichotomy makes him one of the best-written anime characters, as he can often be considered a brave hero or a devious villain.

Who Mikasa marry? Eren loved Mikasa but Mikasa didn’t have any feelings for Eren. Mikasa married Jean & has kids. Paradis is now destroyed but the titans still exist.

Why does Eren turn evil? Witnessing his mother’s death was traumatic enough, but seeing countless allies die in front of him was a major factor in Eren’s fall to the dark side. Several of his friends died when the Titans invaded Trost.

Was AoT ending rushed? Isayama did not rush the ending, he changed the ending as far as 2013 when the anime adaptation became successful. In an interview with, Isayama has said that he’s been evolving his manga, with new elements being added.

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Can Eren come back to life?

Eren does not come back to life in Attack on Titan. Some Attack on Titan fans speculated that Eren could have transferred his consciousness just the way Reiner did. But none of those theories were true, as the final chapter of the manga confirmed Eren’s death. Therefore Eren will not come back to life.

Why was AoT ending controversial?

At the same time, an influx of plot contrivances muddle the chronology of the final battle. The closing chapter’s critics also argued that the landscape of Attack on Titan’s ending renders major elements of what came before meaningless, such as Eren Yaeger’s transformation into a villain.

Is AoT ending good?

No, the ending of Attack on Titan isn’t bad because of these ideas. These ideas are defensible, and have been defended in a bunch of videos by youtubers like Ohara and Turtle Quirk. The reason why the ending is bad is because the execution of these ideas is garbage. Let’s take that iconic Eren scene for example.

Why did Eren Yeager commit genocide?

When Eren reveals his motivations for committing mass murder was to make his friends heroes to Armin in the last chapter of the manga, the latter thanks Eren. In an interview regarding this scene, Isayama clarified that Armin was not condoning Eren’s actions, but acknowledging that he was Eren’s accomplice.

Is Eren death justified?

From a military perspective he is perfectly justified as the whole world wanted Paradis eliminated and were preparing to do just that. From a moral perspective he is not as he is killing a lot of innocent people, many of whom had no idea of what was happening.

Did isayama change the ending of AOT?

In isayama’s original story Sasha would have to die in S2, but one editor convinced him not to kill her. This was the last panel of AOT, leaked by Isayama years ago. So yeah, it is true that he changed ending, but yet it is also true that we don’t know is editors forced him or not.

Are they rewriting the Attack on Titan ending?

Attack on Titan’s anime is changing up the manga’s ending, but the reshuffle is good news for Mikasa, who gets a whole new scene to shine in.

Why did Eren laugh at Sasha’s death?

With this in mind, Eren’s laughter becomes something much more ominous. It becomes a sign of not only despair at losing Sasha but his resignation to the future. Sasha’s death may have been the thing that drove Eren over the edge, forcing him to confront the absurdity of resisting his fate.

How much of the world did Eren destroy?

At this time, Eren saw the sight of the Rumbling that he would cause in the future and his inevitable defeat after annihilating eighty percent of all human life.

Is the Rumbling a good thing?

The Rumbling is a fail-safe King Karl Fritz created to keep the Marleyans attacking Paradis Island. Hundreds of years later, Eren uses the rumbling to save the people of Paradis Island from enemies outside their island.

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