Is Eyewaltz good battle cats?

Is Eyewaltz good battle cats? His Wave Immunity is nice, since he can outrange most wave enemies. It means he can be used against Dober P.D and Hermit Cat, and in wave stages in general, especially since they are stingy with money. Overall, he is a good mid-ranger with decent generalist usage and wave immunity.

How do you get a healer in Battle Cats? Healer is a Special Cat that can be dropped in a special stage during the Merc Storia Collaboration Event.

Is Nono good in Battle Cats? While this may seem counter-intuitive due to their generally high DPS, Nono is able to last longer than practically all other meatshields against them because of her Resist ability. Due to her above-average recharge rate, she is essentially the anti-black equivalent of Artist Cat.

How do you get Merc in Storia Collab Battle Cats? Characters from Merc Storia are available to unlock in the Battle Cats via the Rare Cat Capsule during the event period.

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Is Valkyrie cat good?

Valkyrie Cat is very useful for Empire of Cats Chapter 3 and the early stages of Stories of Legend and Into the Future. However, she can later be replaced by Bahamut Cat and Ururun Wolf.

How do you get Nora in Battle Cats?

Nora is a Special Cat that can be collected as stamp reward during the Nyanko Daisensou ~Nippon Shinryaku Hiroku~ event.

Is Yoichi good battle cats?

Yoichi can be considered as a slightly weaker version of Le’boin, as he has a higher damage output, twice the speed, and shorter attack frequency, but 10 less range allowing Dragon Cat to outrange him and slightly less HP (more noticeable by his extra knockback).

What are the best rare cats in Battle Cats?

The Strongest & Best Cats In The Battle Cats

  • The Bahamut Cat. Bahamut Cat is a special cat you can unlock after completing the Empire of Cats in Chapter 3. …
  • The Lizard Cat. Lizard Cat is the 8th Normal Cat to be unlocked in the game. …
  • The Salon Cat. …
  • The Crazed Lizard Cat. …
  • The Crazed Cat. …
  • Kasa Jizo – Uber Rare Cat.

Does Kasa Jizo talent?

Once leveled up, Kasa Jizo is extremely powerful on Black-dominant stages like Gestalt, Decay, Soap Scum and the XP Stages (though Bombercat is nearly essential for Merciless XP!), as well as Angel-heavy stages like Broken Mask and No Plan A.

What is Aku Catfruit used for?

Catfruit (マタタビ Matatabi, Actinidia) is an item added in Version 5.0 of both The Battle Cats and Nyanko Daisensou. This item allows you to evolve certain Cat Units to their True Form using different amounts of Catfruit. The first sources of Catfruit are unlocked clearing the 3rd chapter of Empire of Cats.

Which rare Cat should I evolve first?

Mercat is the first true you should get, cyborg is not that important and is definitely less important than mercat sanzo and rocker.

Is cat gunslinger good?

He is only recommended for Black Cyclone and Razorback, if the player has nothing better to use. However, if the player has Flower Cat’s True Form, there is virtually no reason to continue using Cat Gunslinger against Blacks.

Is gas mask cat good?

Gas Mask Cat is a powerful meatshield that can tank up to 71.4k damage from Black enemies at level 30 (with all three Void Fruits maxed). Although Black enemies are notorious for their high DPS denying these options, anti-Black meatshields have definitively proven their place in the meta, namely Chibigau and Nono.

Is Battle Cats OK for kids?

It is great for anyone aged 10 or over and is even suitable for dog-people. The app is supported by Android and iOS devices and is available to download from the apple store and the google play store. So read on to find out all you need to know about why Battle Cats is the purrfect app for you.

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