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Is feng a surname in China?

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Is feng a surname in China? Féng (simplified Chinese: 冯; traditional Chinese: 馮) is a Chinese surname. It is 9th on in the Song Dynasty Hundred Family Surname poem and is reported as the 31st most common Chinese last name in 2006.

Is feng a Chinese name? Fèng (simplified Chinese: 凤; traditional Chinese: 鳳; lit. ‘phoenix’) is a relatively common Chinese surname. It is the 54th name on the Hundred Family Surnames poem.

Fèng (surname)

Feng surname
Language(s)Old Chinese

How old is Feng Min DBD? Survivors (when taken by entity) Ace: 55-60 Bill: 63-73 Cheryl: 17 Laurie: 17 Quentin: 17 Nancy: 18 Steve: 19 Nea: 18 Claudette: 19 Meg: 19-20 Jake: 20 Leon: 21 Dwight: 21 Feng: 21 Yui: 21-22 Kate: 20-25 Jill: 23 David: 24 Yunjin: 27 Adam: 26 Zarina: 28 Elodie: 30 Felix: 30 Jane: 32 Jeff: 40 Tapp: 50 Ash: 57-59 Mikaela …

What is feng mins first name? To add to this, the achievement Adept Min (if it follows the convention of all the other Adept achievements) indicates her first name is indeed Min.

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Who is the youngest person in DBD?

Feng- Quentin is the youngest… so Feng is anywhere between the ages 18 – 20. I hope I could help you out a little! I’m unsure about the others, but Laurie is definitely 17, as she is taken directly from the first Halloween movie based on her appearance.

How old is NEA Karlsson?

Voice actor:Morgan Ravasi
First appearance:Nea Karlsson is a character from a horror video game called Dead By Daylight. She is a part of The Last Breath Chapter which is a free DLC.
Fact 1#Balanced landing original quote was “I’ve always felt like a cat”

How tall is Ji Woon Hak?

Ji-Woon Hak

The Trickster
Lullaby Radius8-40 metres
Voice ActorTitus Kim (Voice Actor)

Is the doctor from DBD based on a real person?

The Doctor represents the mad doctor or deadly doctor of the horror genre. The Doctor seems to be inspired by Yang Yongxin, a controversial Chinese psychiatrist who used electroconvulsive therapy without anesthetics or relaxants on internet addicts to “cure” them of their addiction.

Is feng a Korean Min?

Yes, devs confimed it’s china. Go on the rockpapershotgun article about the chapter from before it was released. She has Chinese characters on her uniform, right? If it is indeed Chinese, that settles it.

What pack does Feng Min come?

CHAPTER 4: Spark of Madness is the fourth Chapter DLC for Dead by Daylight. This DLC features: A new Killer (The Doctor) A new Survivor (Feng Min)

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